The handbags, footwear, and accessories listed on Intikhaab are 100% genuine, acquired from authentic sources only. All new bags and shoes come with original packaging or boxes with tags still attached. Some items (like high-end luxury bags and shoes) also come with authenticity cards or payment receipts from the seller.


We have partnered with a third-party authentication service called Entrupy to authenticate our products especially preowned items. 

Entrupy provides their own proprietary device that uses a microscopic camera with 260x magnified view to check the authenticity of a product. The pictures and close-up views captured by this device are then entered into a software program to process and analyze. 

The items that we verify from Entrupy come with an "Entrupy Seal" and are guaranteed to be original.

We also offer authentication service through our partner to other brands that are operating in Pakistan and that sell original branded stuff. Customers may also get in touch with us for authenticating a product they purchased from other source for a meager fee.   


Here are some reasons to be completely sure that you are getting the real deal and not a counterfeit product when you shop at Intikhaab:

Clear and Original Photos

Items listed on our site, especially the pre-owned ones, come with original photos. We try to show the product from every angle, including its tags (if attached), as well as any other minor or major flaw. 

Bags available on pre-order will come with photos taken from the source (stock photos), which in most cases is the brand website/store/outlet itself. When the item arrives at our facility, we also take its real photo and send it to the client.


You must have noticed that we include each and every detail of a product in its description including dimensions, hardware, shoulder strap or drop handle length, original color, and many other details. 

These details are provided so that our customer is 100% satisfied with their purchase and there is no doubt in their mind about any attribute of the bag. 

Still, if you have questions about a particular handbag or a pair of shoes including its features/dimensions/size, we are always available to answer your queries.

In fact, we recommend doing a double-check regarding the size of shoes and dimensions of a bag before you make a purchase in order to avoid disappointment later on. If you are not sure about your shoe size, you can always get in touch with us through WhatsApp and we will assist you in finding the right size.  

In case of pre-owned items, we try our best to explain the interior as well as exterior condition of a bag and a pair of shoes or sunglasses. We also offer close-up photos to interested buyers so they can rest assured that they are getting a fair deal.

Acquisition Only From Reputable Sources

Authentication is a lengthy and tiring process and in the case of some brands (like Dior and Chanel), it is quite costly as well. So, we make sure we source our products only from reputable sources. It’s highly unlikely to get a counterfeit product when you are actually buying from a certified retailer.

However, exceptions are always there. And if you suspect a product to be fake, you can provide a proof and get your money back. Without a proof, we might not be able to entertain your request. Also, if you have doubts about a product being fake, you can return it within 48 hours and get a refund. Please remember that if a certain time period has elapsed, we are not able to return an item or open a case with the selling website.  

We encourage our customers to read the full description of an item before placing an order. In case of pre-owned bags, we clearly mention their condition as well as whether they come with or without the original tags.

If a bag had its original tags removed but it is unused and brand new, we list it as a new item but mention it in the description that it comes without tags.


We offer a full refund if you provide us with evidence that the bag is counterfeit. Without proof, you may return a bag but you will not get a full refund. In case of bags available in stock, you may notify us within 48 hours of receiving the item that you changed your mind for any reason at all. You can return the bag and get a refund.  

If you have proof of a bag being a knockoff, make sure you report it within 14 days of purchase. This time frame is specified so that the source can be contacted for possible explanation and a refund. After 14 days, not only the return window is closed but also there wouldn’t be anything we could do to get a full refund for the item.


Please read our Refund Policy for further clarification on these matters.