Runway Fashion: How Rebecca Minkoff Fall Runway Collection 2020 Stole Our Hearts!

Runway Fashion: How Rebecca Minkoff Fall Runway Collection 2020 Stole Our Hearts!

Last year was all about pumping one luxury handbag over the other. The best part? Each one of them had made a mark in the history of luxury designer handbags. That said, Rebecca Minkoff never fails to bring new, fresh out of the runway handbags that only get edgier with time.

For this specific collection, she kept the theme to rock and roll and went for a full-on mock concert on the rooftop of Spring Studios in the middle of the pandemic.


The runway was held in the fall of 2020, which we still can’t get off our minds. The designer turned her models to bandmates in Minkoff masks, electric guitar, a keyword, and full drum to give an authentic loose mesh feel to the entire setup.

To keep up with the “rocking” theme, Minkoff did an excellent job keeping the collection dark and mysterious with a lot of boho styles, mild tones, and full glam to add the ever-needed character to the overall show.

In the collection, you also get to see an amalgam of Rebbecca’s signature grungier looks sweetened with feminine touches like tussles, puff, and whatnot. That’s not it; the party’s life was the introduction of faux leather handbags to take a step towards sustainability.

After this launch, you can see a rise in the trend of faux leather that is making its way to the arm of every Pakistani fashion enthusiast. Here are some of the best Rebecca Minkoff Fall 2020 Runway looks that we absolutely adore.


Rebecca Minkoff

This look perfectly exemplifies the idea that we all needed during these difficult times. A love letter to the views, most of the cultural aspects of the show resonates with what we call our home.

With this look, you can surely see Minkoff’s identity, especially with the chic leather skirt that Rebecca’s lovers are obsessed with. Not just this, the all-black look is the epitome of the right autumn look.

Rebecca Minkoff Fall 2020

With COVID was still on the rise, Minkoff tried to keep things cool with these highly stylish face masks for each look.  She went for regular ash black jeans, a mesh loose shirt, a floral jacket with puff collars, and the ever-famous orange sling bag to complete the overall ensemble for this particular outfit.

If you have been a fan of Rebecca Minkoff fashion shows, you must know her collection is incomplete with an outfit like this one. The fact that her designer handbags and outfits stay true to the core of the brands makes it easier for its audience to relate to a great extent. Apart from that, the boho look and oozing confidence was a total show-stealer!

runway fashion

“It was all about this boho-rock sensibility that we’re known for,” said Minkoff at her New York Fashion Week.

“And it’s about celebrating the cultural institutions that I love that are part of New York City’s fabric.”

Nothing can exemplify that better than this animal print outfit with her signature faux leather handbag that we are digging for.

runway fashion

Whether it is the late-night dress vibes or after-hour looks, this show had it all! The masked model sets a new standard with a plaid sweater, leather pants, and the gorgeous black and white clutch to steal our hearts.

The badass yet boho style completely resonates with her signature aesthetic to make it an ideal go-to brand for our bold bags.

rebecca Minkoff fall collection

Think of Rebecca Minkoff, and the first thing you get to see is the leather jacket and backpack with large silver details that are second to none. Like the rest of the outfits mentioned in this post, this one is also a real deal with bold and comfortable vibes.

rebecca Minkoff

Going all-in with the music live event theme, this outfit truly did justice to Minkoff’s idea. The designer forged partnerships with other successful brands and event producers to bring together the best in our collection.

As this wasn’t already enough, this particular book with a statement skirt, comfy jacket, and outstanding sling bag is all you need to rock any day.

Rebecca Minkoff

Here comes the look that perfectly sums out the whole concept of the Rebecca Minkoff Fall Runway Collection 2020. This simple yet boho look is topped with the signature Rebecca Minkoff Leather Edie Flap Shoulder Bag to complete the ensemble.

The show was filled with surprises and brought her models in such glamorous looks to totally exceeded our expectations.

Rebecca Minkoff Fall 2020

Among the sea of clutches and crossbodies, Rebbecca surprised everyone with a breast pump bag. Minkoff has teamed up with Medela for the designer bag new Rebecca Minkoff x Medela Pump and Baby Bag to help you see a completely new side of the brand.

“So much of motherhood is about taking care of other people and not focusing on yourself,” Minkoff says.

“I wanted to create something specifically for moms to help them look and feel their best amidst the messy, beautiful, chaotic experience that is being someone’s mom.”

Rebecca Minkoff Fall 2020

Rebbeca Minkoff Fall Runway Collection 2020 infuses glam rock flare with subtle elements of bohemian accents to stay ahead in her fashion game. The campaign highlights the brand’s image where femininity meets masculinity, hard meets soft, and modern meets eastern.

Therefore the juxtaposition of East and West Coast in this particular runway had all of its fans filling in their wishlists.

Rebecca Minkoff Fall 2020

Speaking of boho, no look can beat this memorizing look by Rebbecca Minkoff. The black flare dress, simple branded face mask, boho handbag, and silver detailings are surely to die for.

Wrapping up this memorable fashion show, considering how this runway was conducted in the middle of the global pandemic, it definitely has earned its name in the history of the fashion industry. From the exotic boho outfits to complementing handbags that exemplify Minkoff’s unique fashion style, Rebecca Minkoff Fall Runway Collection 2020 totally stole our hearts.

Not to mention, this wasn’t an ordinary show; the handbags she launched this time are certainly taking the lead among most of Rebbecca’s bags even till today.