A Closer Look At the Infleucer’s Favourite JW PEI Handbags

A Closer Look At the Infleucer’s Favourite JW PEI Handbags

Social distancing has taken a long toll on just our mental health but closets too. Among stuffing pockets with random stuff, having the same closet for 2 years, and rapidly increasing weight, we are sure you miss dressing up for specific occasions and wearing cute purses that would fit your whole world inside. 

That’s where JW PEI comes into the picture. 

It is known as the best bag brand you haven’t heard of with its 100% vegan materials to make you fall in love with its convictions as much as we do. 

Here’s a closer look at this trendy yet eco-friendly Infleucne’s favourite JW PEI handbags to fill up your carts in no time!

About the Brand

Founded by a husband-wife duo Yang Pei and Stephanie Li, JW PEI has quickly become a sensation after its launch in 2016. If you are an avid influencer follower on Instagram, there is no way you haven’t eyed a few gorgeous JW PEI pieces that still hold your heart. 

One of the best things that have made them spread like a fire is not just the designs but affordability that lets you avail supermodels’ classic handbags that can fit into your pockets. Almost all of their items are under $100, with seemingly cute colour hues and textures to add a statement to your regular outfits. 

The Los Angeles brand offers the trendiest colours, silhouettes, quilt, rushed and lizard-print textures to satisfy all your aesthete cravings. This brand is quick to react to changes; trying so missing out on a seasonal fashionable is something you can never expect the brand to do. 

Other than that, croc-embossed designs and Gabbi bags are two of the most iconic handbags that have helped bring them to this position today. 

Now, this brings us to our next question, is JW PEI really worth it or is it just hype? Glad you asked that.

Allow us to answer that.

What is the Brand Known for

JW PEI is for everyone who likes to stay at the edge and experiment with their styles. Let’s admit it, it takes guts to walk out of your house to a half-moon shaped and not-so-standard handbag with candy coloursbut that’s exactly the beauty of JW PEI.  

Their bags are unique enough to get the heads turning and get people to ask you about the designer. Considering how they offer almost every colour for their bags, you can mix and match tiny versions of the statement bag and go for that ever needed extra drama. Oftentimes this is the bag that people instantly fall in love with as soon as they lay their eyes on it. 

Popular Handbags

  1. Gabbi Bag Nutella 

This incredible JW Pei Gabbi bag in Nutella colour is everywhere! Don’t believe us, try stepping out of the home with this and watch how it becomes a conversation starter. The bag features vegan leather like most of its handbags, faux suede lining and magnetic closure for added convenience. Although it may not be the most spacious bag you’d ever own, thanks to the soft fabric it can easily fit in your everyday essentials. The undetachable strap means you can always count on this iconic piece to remain true to its essence for as long as you want. 


The vintage aesthetics and durable material will not only ensure you look bomb in all your ensembles but make it a worthwhile investment too. Unlike most of the bags, this Nutella colour can go well with any outfit or look from boss lady to trendy to make it your list of the next favourite bag to buy. 


The best part, it doesn’t necessarily have to stay in fashion for you to flaunt it. The soft and laid back style has its own character to help resonate with your personality and make it a personal choice for you to express yourself in public. 


Maze Bag - Sage Green

Looking for a more classic style with JW PEI essence in it? This one is your best bet to go. The bag looks like a high-end designer bag that came straight off the runway to slide into your pocket (just picture that!). It can easily fit in something as big as an iPhone 12 Pro Max or any other phone you currently have to make sure you never have to bother with a size sized bag. 


Features 1 interior zip pocket and 1 slit pocket to make a spacious choice to organise all your essentials. Not just this, the brand offers a wide range of colours to amp up your luxury closet. 


The Envelope Chain Crossbody - Ice Croc

Here comes another feminine crossbody that feels comfortable to wear and sturdy when you gently keep it on any surface. The slightly wider bottom eliminates the problem of having your bag trip over on special occasions. Just like all of JW PEI handbags, this one also features a wide array of colours ranging from pastel green to ice blue to perfectly suit your favourite outfits. 


The gold hardware accentuates its elegant look and the chain straps are everything you need to make this versatile piece your most beloved one in the closet. 

Mini Flap Bag - Sage Green Croc

This mini flap bag is the favourite of every Instagram influencer you see nowadays. The push-lock closure, 1 zipping pocket and 2 interior pockets are just enough to hold everything in place. Its trendy aesthetics can entice anyone into buying these and enjoy its endless beauty with you forever. The Croc material is one of the brand’s signature statements which can elevate any handbag design all while making it sustainable. 

Rantan Bag - Beige Croc

Spice up your everyday wear with this powerful and highly stylish Rantan Bag in Beige colour to help you do the trick. The design can certainly ensure you get compliments rolling in as soon as you decide to hit the streets of Pakistan. As for the features, it comes with gold hardware, zip closure, and 1 interior pocket to fit in your mobile and other essentials. 


If this colour appeals to your eyes, feel free to dress it up with any floral dress, western and eastern outfits to add a statement.