5 Best Tignanello Handbags Review

5 Best Tignanello Handbags Review

Where there are thousands of famous luxury designers that undoubtedly suck the air out of any room with its irresistible beauty, a few of them, like Tignanello handbags, remain under the shadow. Tignanello has prevailed its name to craft high-quality leather handbags complemented with exquisite hardware and ornamentation to enhance its already striking appearance.

If we keep its appearance aside (which is impossible on itself), Tignanello pays special attention to their bags’ quality and convenience. If you opt for the classic collection, you can certainly expect to pass it on for generations. With ample pockets and spacious compartments, their bags are carefully crafted with customers in mind.

If you think that is awesome, wait till you find out how the designer has managed to make arm-candies that can last indefinitely at a price where any handbag aficionado can totally hit the market and flaunt stylishly Tignanello handbags on the streets of Pakistan.

Now that you’re quite familiar with the brand, it’s time we have an honest review to see why we think Tignanello is totally underrated.


1. Tignanello Perfect 10 Studded Shopper



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This arm-candy is totally the apple of our eyes! Just like all Tignanello handbags, Perfect 10 Studded Shopper is also made up of high-quality leather and comes with 100% polyester lining. The bag comes in a variety of colors to meet every personality for every occasion.



The breathtaking Tignanello handbag is known to be the most versatile out of the latest ss20 collection. Be it work, traveling, or perhaps you’re a mother with tons of baby essentials to carryー Perfect 10 Studded Shopper has got your back. With its stylish look and an array of colors, you can never fail to style this up with both eastern and western looks.

The flat bottom of the bag is structured so that it can easily be placed on a table and still look deadly gorgeous. However, a few handbag enthusiasts aren’t quite stratified that the bag doesn’t come with decorative hardwareーmaking it looks too simple for some.



If we talk about convenience alone, the Perfect 10 Studded Shopper comes with strategically placed spacious pockets to fit in your whole closet, from wallets to diaries, to a large amount of junk that you shoved in your bag before leaving the house一Perfect 10 can fit it all. The straps are strongly built and give comfortable support when you sling it across your shoulders.

The two pockets in the front make it effortless to grab quick-access items like keys or pens. Coming to the interior, the gorgeous bag is lined with polyester and is divided into two compartments with a zipped pocket in between. The versatile design also allows you to either carry it in your hands for a stylish look or go for the google ol’ bag slung around the shoulders to give an effortless look to your overall ensemble.

2. Tignanello Showstopper Cross Body


Tignanello Showstopper Cross Body, Black

Thanks to the wide array of colors that it offers, you can keep a collection with your favorite colors to match each session—light-colored purses for spring and summers and dark for the others.



The bag stands 8 inches in height and 9 inches wide. With numerous colors to match any outfit, the hardware and zipper will remain gold in all colors. The Tignanello Showstopper Cross Body is an epitome of a casual yet chic handbag to amp up any outfit you wear.



Nothing can bShowstopper’s sophistication, and convenience paper with built-in RFID protected pockets from storing credit cards. With a small, lightweight structure and ample pockets on either side of the exterior一this bag is a perfect fit for any occasion.

Its organized structure and RFID-protected pocket allow you to carry your bag without any wallet whatsoever.

However, since it has a minimalist structure, it cannot be easy to carry many essentials at once. Therefore, keep this bag for occasions where you wouldn’t need many necessities.

3. Tignanello Voyager Convertible Suede Crossbody



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To add an extra touch of elegance to your wardrobe, this Tignanello Voyager comes with sophisticated colors and leather that Tignanello has been revered for since 1989. Whether you want to tune down your outfit or make a statement piece pop out, this arm-candy has everything you need.



Voyager’s soft staple leather ages enhance the irresistible beauty of your ensemble. The perfect use of rich swine can be your best friend in light seasons like Spring and Summers and Early Fall without making it look too glaring with flashy bright colors. Unlike the ones mentioned above, this one is built with silver hardware to give a stunning look to its already ravishing demeanor.


On the flip side, where the simple and chic look of this Tignanello handbag entices many fashion aficionados, people also wished this could offer a little more variety in colors. Picture a navy or red Voyager一how drop-dead gorgeous would that look!

Made with 80% leather and 20% polyurethane, this designer handbag also comes with a built-in RFID compartment to keep your cards secure. The bag allows you to store any quick-access essentials with its 3 front pockets with magnetic snap closure and a spacious back pocket, to store more valuable items.

4. Tignanello Vintage Leather Andromeda Mini Dome Crossbody


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Tignanello Vintage Leather Andromeda is well crafted with 100% high-quality artificial materials and natural markings that surely resonate with fine leather individuality. The funky details on its exterior can never fail to magnify your quirky personality.



Comes with a large variety of color options and slightly gold-toned hardware, this Tignanello handbag is all that you need to add a whimsical essence to your everyday wear. Made with 100% leather and polyester, you can pass on this classic piece to generations.



This bag promotes an organized lifestyle with spacious (very) compartments, eight card slots in the card organizer, and zipper pockets all wrap up in a soft and elegant vintage leather; the bag also comes with a comfortable shoulder to add extra support rap to make it easier for you to flaunt it around.

5. Tignanello Milan Drawstring Crossbody


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Another sling bag in our list of the most stunning Tignanello bag is this lovely Milan Drawstring Crossbody bag with built-in RFID technology to aid not only minimalist beauty but advanced protection as well.


With nylon shoulder straps, 80% leather, and 20% polyurethane, this bag is everything you need to rock any street or party in Pakistan. The golden hardware and wide guitar-style colorful straps can never fail to make a boring outfit pop out in the crowd. Regardless of how much you use this, this bag is known to keep its shape throughout your entire journey with Tignanello.


 Just like most Tignanello handbags, this one also comes with a built-in RFID compartment with 4 card slots, so you can rest assured of the safety of your hard-earned money.

Thanks to its great durability, you can effortlessly rock your airport looks while traveling. In fact, the bag is ample to carry traveling essentials like passport, cards, and other valuable items so you can focus on enjoying the journey and leave the rest to this elegant yet secure crossbody Tignanello handbag.