What to Keep in Your Bag: The COVID-19 Edit

What to Keep in Your Bag: The COVID-19 Edit

As women, we are expected to fix any problem that comes in our way and our loved ones. This means you always need to be prepared with all the right necessities that can make up your day in an instant.

Where life’s surprises are surely not going to get any kinder, you need to amp up your game to combat challenges in a way you have never done before.

However, when an emergency finally arrives, it’s not uncommon to see things misplaced to make everything feel unorganized and chaotic. On the flip side, you can’t possibly carry the burden and essential of everything anyone would ever need.

So what’s the solution?

Here, it would help if you thought of ways that efficiently allow you to use the handbags and only carry things that will add value to your everyday life.


Here are 12 life-saving essentials you must carry in your bag all the time, especially if you live in Pakistan!

1.    Hairbrush and Bands

what to keep in your bag

Bad hair days are inevitable, and having a compact hairbrush and ties can certainly make sure that you look put together at all times. This is especially needed during humid weather when you have frizzy hair to cover up. Other than that, hair bands can also be used to change up your looks during the day.

2.    Tissues and Wipes

wipes in your bag

You never know when you are in a particular place, and your allergies act up only to embarrass you in front of everyone. Here tissues can be your knight in shining armor to ensure hygiene for everyone.

As for wet wipes, you Spilled something over your new outfit, dirty hands, smudged makeup, or perhaps are too sweaty; wet wipes are on their way to help you take care of any disaster.

You never know how much you really need them unless you pop in a packet of wipes inside your bag and use it every time anything goes wrong.

3.    Hand Sanitizer

hand sanitizer in your bag

How can we be among a deadly pandemic and not carry a sanitizer? Always take out time throughout the day to a) thoroughly wash your hands b) sanitize them. Even if you currently don’t have access to water, sanitizer is totally reliable to rescue your day.

4.    Breath Mints

breath mints in your bag

You never know when you will eat garlic and onion-soaked pasta and meet someone significant right after that. We get it; let’s not think about how badly you would want to sink into the floor and make sure you are always armed with breath mints to prevent such awful moments.

5. A Valuable Item

what to keep in your handbag

By valuable, we don’t mean anything with a greater monetary value but something that holds a higher value to your heart. Having something close to your heart like a letter, lucky charm, fuzzies, photo, or anything can help you lift your mood every time you are not feeling like yourself.

These things usually don’t take up much space, making it effortless for you even to carry them in mini clutches.

6. A Cute Wallet

what to keep in your bag

A cute wallet can help you organize your cash much better than big bulky handbags. Many women who prefer to stay collected like to use an additional wallet inside their handbags that keep their valuable items like credit cards, cash, and occasional jewelry pieces secure and separate from the rest of the essentials.

Another perk of this could be to help you transition better from day to nighttime looks. Just ditch your big tote bag, attach the strap to your mini crossbody wallet/bag, and you’re all set for the evening party with all your necessities.

7. An Interesting Book or Amazon Kindle


turtles all the way down book

Whether you are on the plane, waiting in a line, or in the metro, car, or bus to reach your destination, having a book or kindle can be a productive way to pass the time and gain knowledge at the same time.

8. Medicines/Pain Killers

medicines in your bag

Depending on the situation, it is always handy to have pain killers, anti-allergy, and anti-inflammatory medication with you at all times. Even if you don’t need it, you can always find someone who is desperate in need to get rid of their pain.

9. A Pair of Headphones

what to keep in your bag

This point has a slight relevance to the 7th point. If you are struggling to find time to read, you can replace books with your mobile and headphones to listen to audiobooks while traveling.

Other than that, using headphones is a fool-proof way to avoid contact when you are not in the mood to start any conversation whatsoever.

10. Powerbank

powerbank in your bag

Our phones play the biggest role in our lives right now. Considering how you are always on your phone (even when you have nothing to see), you can expect the battery to run out at least a few times a day.

Therefore, making a little space for a portable battery charger is definitely worth it.

11. A Small Notebook

notebook in your bag

If you are a creative thinker who always has ideas pouring in, a notebook can be quite handy to keep everything in one place. That said, if you haven’t tried journaling before, we would highly recommend you to give it a go and see the revolutionary results in your life.

Remember, it doesn’t necessarily have to be neat or aesthetically appealing. As long as it contains every random, organized, deep, and embarrassing thought, you can certainly make sure that this item holds the highest value in your handbag.

This can also help you when you don’t know what to carry in your handbag, jot down the things you need, and start organizing your bag every night, so you are actively putting the effort to be prepared at all times.

Although you can use your phone, there is something quite profound and magical about physically scribbling on a piece of paper that reflects the true version of your inner self.

12. Feminine Necessities

keeping pads and tampons in your handbag

We can’t stress enough how important it is to have a few extra sanitary pads or tampons in your bag. It will not only save you from embarrassment during your menstrual cycle, but you also save someone else’s day by offering a pad in time of an emergency.

So, did you like this what to keep in your bag list? Are these 12 life-saving essentials already in your bag or you need to get a few things to complete the list?