What Handbags Are Trending Now

What Handbags Are Trending Now

Bag trends, unlike ready-to-wear, jewellery, and shoes, are more fleeting. (Jacquemus' SS18 small bag was everywhere until it wasn't, pillow bags nearly defined 2019, and excessive logomania gave way to restraint in 2020.) 

There are, of course, some notable exceptions to the norm, such as Chanel's iconic 11.12 Bag, Christian Dior's Lady Dior Bag, and the ever-popular Birkin. However, according to Libby Page, senior market editor at Net-a-Porter, the greatest bag trends for 2022 straddle the border between of-the-moment and timelessly archival. 

"With people transitioning to more luxury-focused shopping over the last two years or so," she says, "heritage brands continue to perform well."

Although we may have to wait a little longer to start wearing the items spring/summer 2022 offers (or risk freezing—after all, winter has only just begun), there is one item from the runway that we can start adding to our wardrobes right away: handbags. Handbags are the quickest way to start your new-season capsule, making them ideal for impatient individuals. 

And, given that bags were at the bottom of our shopping priorities at the start of 2021 because of the pandemic and our inability to leave the house, now is the time to make amends.

Without further ado, let’s get started.


Brandon Blackwood, a handbag designer based in New York, believes that bags are getting bigger again. "The small bag trend is still very strong," says Brandon Blackwood, proprietor of emerging brand Brandon Blackwood, "but now that people are slowly transitioning back into their normal life post-covid, I've noticed my consumer beg for bags with more capacity." "Travel, returning to work, and being out for longer periods of time necessitate significantly larger pieces."

According to Peju Obasa, the founder of her London-based label Peju Obasa, giant bags are set to be the It style this year. The designer feels the micro trend is disappearing, which means brands will place a greater emphasis on large bags in the coming year. “We’re seeing all things chunky,” says Obasa


Stephanie Sonya Ibbitson, owner and designer of Vancouver-based minimalist label Sonya Lee, tells TZR, "I'm a touch biased on this one, but I think silver hardware is the go-to." "It's a little more subdued, which reminds me of the simplicity we craved with companies like Celine following the 2008 recession." This trend is perfect for folks who appreciate streamlined aesthetics with a dash of personality.


Lara Jean Elias, Creative Studio Manager at fashionable London label Home of Hai, believes that ethically sourced materials will become increasingly important to consumers. "Customers want to know that their bags were created responsibly," she says TZR. "This is something we will continue to strive on as a brand." According to the expert, sustainably produced lace and suede are two materials with which Home Of Hai is interested in collaborating.

Mireia Llusia-Lindh, creator of DeMellier London, a luxury handbag and clothing designer, says there's a growing demand for natural materials that are healthy for the environment, which she hopes will be a trend that lasts. "We just launched a new knitwear collection made with sustainable cashmere, and our summer bag collection will include touches of raffia and natural straw," she tells TZR.


In 2022, Blackwood predicts that unique textures on handbags will be a trend. "Puffer fabrics, shearlings, mirror leathers, wools, and beads have all appeared in my collections," the designer explains. "I'll be experimenting with shells, knits, and mesh materials in the spring." "People are much more experimental with their purses [these days] and want them to have [some] personality of their own," Blackwood adds.

Sade Mims, the founder of Edas, a New York-based accessories designer, agrees with the texture trend, telling TZR, "When I think about texture, I see more prints, more embossed bags, and more quilted styles having a great moment." "Texture helps us make a delicate statement," says the designer.


"The busier we are, the more essential organization becomes," explains Tina Lutz, founder of Lutz Morris. "Handbags designed with this in mind are proving to be quite popular." The Maya bag, for example, has an external pocket that can contain a cell phone, as well as seven card slots for credit cards, cash, and subway tickets, according to the founder. "It's always great to be prepared, especially with an elevated and attractive purse."

On a similar note, Annece predicts that travel luggage will be big in the new year as many limitations change. "As our environment progressively reopens, more people are travelling and exploring again, and they're seeking seamless practical solutions, large and little," she says TZR. The label's Anjuna Utility Belt Bag, which has five(!) pockets, is ideal for individuals who want a hands-free look.


The party bag trend will be just as prominent in 2022, according to Larian Hekmat. "In 2022, joyful, statement-making bags will be huge — think feathers, sequins, decorations, and rhinestones," she predicts.

Moya Annece, co-founder and creative director of Ashya, a minimalist handbag manufacturer located in New York, has noticed an increase in these fascinating bags as well. "We believe modest and fun accessories will make a big comeback as a trend for the new year," she says TZR, "with the resurgence of major social events and parties."


In 2022, expect to see the following practical trend: Handbags with extra-long straps. "Short bag straps will continue to work," Gabriela Comella, CEO of Gabriel For Sach, says TZR. "However, long, boho crossbody bags will take centre stage." For this trend, consider a bag with long clip-on straps, such as Jaquemus' famous Le Chiquito Bag, or one with a clasp that allows for modifications, such as the label's Flat Pink Bag.



In 2022, as previously stated, expect an avalanche of unusual shapes and silhouettes. "Unique and eye-catching appears to be the theme this year," says Daana Diaz Madrid, designer and CEO of Daana Saakena, a handbag business. "To stand out, statement bags don't have to be flashy or highly decorated. Clean lines that form a distinct silhouette can convey the same message. Our core collection was created with geometric shape and structure in mind."