The 8 Best Bags for the Minimalist in You

The 8 Best Bags for the Minimalist in You

Even the trendiest person can't dispute the appeal of a nice neutral, minimalist handbag. While the fashion set has a propensity for going all-out with its ensembles, even the trendiest person can't resist the appeal of a good neutral, minimalist handbag. They go with everything and feel timeless season after season, so having one in your wardrobe is essential.

Minimalist fashion is currently in vogue, and there's nothing more fashionable than having less rather than more. Minimalist capsule wardrobes are becoming increasingly popular, and even celebrities and well-known figures have adopted the minimalist, environmentally friendly fashion lifestyle.

Of course, a minimalist outfit wouldn't be complete without a few minimalist bags. On the internet, you'll find a plethora of excellent minimalist purse models that are ideal for everyday use. But first, what is a minimalist bag?

The solution is straightforward. It has to be straightforward. Minimalist bags, like minimalist clothing, must be monochrome (or, in certain cases, two-toned) and free of overly-exaggerated motifs.

Styles and colors should be neutral enough to be worn every day, and they should be large enough to store all of your daily necessities. It must also be durable enough to serve you well for an extended period of time. However, just because they have a simple design doesn't mean they can't be stylish.

Let's talk about popular handbag styles

  • Baguette Bag — Popularized by Sex and the City in the 1990s, this little, compact handbag is now regaining appeal thanks to the y2k fashion style. Its simplicity makes it a popular choice for stylish ensembles.

  • Tote Bag - A tote bag, often known as a "shopper bag," is a large bag that can contain a lot of items at once. It's a large, unsecured bag that's dubbed a "carry-all" because of its durability. Totes are normally constructed of nylon or canvas, however, leather totes are becoming increasingly fashionable.

  • Satchel Bag - Satchel bags were originally designed to carry books, but they've since evolved into a fashion classic thanks to their practicality. Laptops can be carried if the backpack is large enough (and its main compartment can also double as a laptop sleeve).

  • Crossbody Bag — The most common alternative for day-to-day wear is the crossbody bag. They provide simple access to your belongings, free up your hands and arms, and fit snugly on your body, making them anti-theft. Nowadays, most crossbody bags come with detachable and adjustable shoulder straps.

  • Bucket Bag - Bucket bags resemble – you got it – a bucket, so anticipate utilizing this form of the bag if you have a lot of items to tote. These are also useful for travelling because they can contain water bottles, diapers, electronics, and other travel necessities.

8 Minimalist Bags

Here are 8 minimalist bags that are too good to pass.


  1. Gabine Saddle Bag

Gabine Saddle Bag - Black

Just because a bag has a simple design doesn't mean it can't be colored brightly! Charles & Keith's Gabine Saddle Bag in mustard is perfect for summer or fall, but there are five more colors to choose from.


2. Baguette Bag In Aqua Green

Baguette Bag In Aqua Green

We had to include baguette handbags on this list because they are all the rage right now because of the current y2k look. This little, compact pocketbook has a pleasing appearance (and on the wallet as well).

This lovely aqua green is the perfect complement to any outfit, but it also comes in three other color variations if you prefer something different. For a few thousand Rupees, you can have this bag all to yourself.


3. Cuyana’s Zippered Satchel

The trendy satchel bag by Cuyana is a terrific minimalist staple to have in your closet. It's basic, but it gets the job done of storing your belongings in one place while still appearing fashionable. It's ideal as a business bag because it features various pockets for separating any papers you might have with you, as well as a 13-inch laptop compartment.

This leather purse comes in a variety of colors, including black, cappuccino, caramel, chocolate, and stone.

4. Coach’s Pillow Tabby Shoulder Bag

Coach’s Pillow Tabby Shoulder Bag

With ultra-soft leather and Coach's trademark hardware, the Coach Pillow Tabby Shoulder Bag is a modern recreation of the legendary 1970s Coach design.

It also includes detachable straps, so depending on your outfit and the occasion, you can use it as a crossbody or shoulder bag. This lovely bag is available in a variety of colors, including classic cream and black, as well as seasonal hues like green and pink.

5. Everlane’s Form Bag

Everlane’s Form Bag

Everlane's beautiful Italian leather bag is the ideal everyday bag, accommodating all of your belongings as well as a 13-inch laptop. You can wear it to work or just to dress up your look.

The pricing is a little higher than other similar bags at $250 because it's a leather bag, but if you've bought Everlane's items previously, you know they're constructed to last.

6. Eva Shoulder Bag

Eva Shoulder Bag

The Eva Shoulder Black Croc bag is the epitome of minimalism. It's a traditional baguette-style purse made of vegan leather and lined with 100% recycled plastic, making it relatively eco-friendly.

This simple design shoulder bag can contain your phone, sunglasses, keys, cash, hand sanitizers, lotion... you name it, this minimalist design shoulder bag can fit it. 

7. Balenciaga Hourglass

 Balenciaga Hourglass

Okay, this bag is a little more expensive than the others we've discussed so far. A simple designer purse can never go wrong, especially if it's a new modern classic like Balenciaga's Hourglass Top Handle bag.

This stylish bag will go with any minimalist capsule outfit, and it's available in a range of sizes, colors, and materials to suit your needs.

For most everyday activities (and going out), we recommend the size S, but if you're on a budget, the XS, nano, and wallet on chain variants of the bag. 

8. Everlane’s The Italian Sling

Everlane’s The Italian Sling

If you're into it, this crossbody bag can also be worn as a waist pack. This Italian Sling Bag is a belt bag with an expansive silhouette inspired by the 1980s, ideal for carrying things on the go and making it a great anti-theft bag.