Summer Handbags 2021 – Top 10 Handbag Trends You Need to Try This Year

Summer Handbags 2021 – Top 10 Handbag Trends You Need to Try This Year

Since we all are stuck at home, the idea of blaming up with a trendy handbag seems quite far away. Don’t fret. The Eid is arriving, which brings with it endless happiness and not to mention summers with its own trends to load you up with the inspiration that will do justice to the two years you spent locked at home.

From the gorgeous chain reactions, candy-colored fanny packs to the strappy details with an ongoing love affair of tote bags. Here are the top 10 handbag trends you need to try this summer.



1. Filing Folders

flip bags
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This two-dimensional handbag style has derived from the thin paper filing folder that we totally love. It is a great way to accentuate your bold outfits while keeping the arm candy minimal and elegant. Although this may not be the most practical option to have with you, its sleek design has made this runway favorite bag a must-have for this summer.

2. Candy Colours

Candy Colours
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The fresh and natural candy-colored handbags are making a comeback with their super-lightweight designs and delicate appearance. Considering how they add the ever-needed pop of color to any look, you can feel free to flaunt it with your beautiful summer outfits.

One brand that does an excellent job at pumping out these trending handbags is Furla. Ranging from autumn to bright summer colors. The brand uses serpentine leather to come up with pure and lovely handbags to bless our eyes.

You can totally pair these up with pastels to give a more 60’s look or stick to elegant whites to let these candy colors shine on their own.

3. Extra Large and In Charge Totes

summar handbags 2021 tote
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The extra-large tote bags are no new trend, but the fact that you get to see almost every single celebrity flaunting it in front of paparazzi surely gives us some solid inspiration to add these to your list of handbags you need to try this summer.

They are efficient to fit in your entire wardrobe, and their laid-back shape can never fail to amp up your look effortlessly.

4. Chain Reaction

summar handbags 2021 chain reaction
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Just see how gorgeous they look!

The chunky handbag chain has started planting the seed in our hearts since the fall of 2019 and spread like fire for all the fashion divas out there. Despite their heavy hardware and extravagant look, they are known to add elegance and femininity to any look. Indeed, the soft pouchy look of the bag makes it impossible to keep your eyes off these luxury arm candies.

From famous Pakistani celebrities to fashion bloggers, Chain reactions are literally everywhere!

5. Shoulder Pads

shoulder pads
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Where huge tote bags are in fashion, these minimal shoulder pads add a subtle yet chic look to help you head out with a bang.

This season’s shoulder pad bags come in all forms of shapes, materials, and colors to add endless variety to your wardrobe. Their cloud-like appearance makes it highly comfortable to carry it around your shoulders, and its spacious interior can make it easier to carry most of your essentials with you.

6. Teardrop Bags


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These are new bags in town that have literally been spotted on all Hollywood celebrities. You can get this off the shelves of every retailer and the closets of all the fashion bloggers out there.

The out-of-shape simple shape of these handbags gives a hobo-like figure with a light structure to make you look laid back and fashionable at the very same time. You can throw it around your shoulders or hold it in your hands to flaunt the photo-perfect style of teardrop bags.

The smooth and puffy texture of the bags helps you hug your underarm just right so you can focus on other essential tasks. What makes them stand above the rest is how you can totally count on these to store your essentials and elevate your everyday looks.

7. Waistline Bags

waistline bags
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After the appearance of waistline bags in the fall-winder 2020 runways, it is impossible not to see these highly trendy bags on every Instagram post. The convenient hands-free design allows you to keep your essentials in check and level up the appearance of any boring outfit.

Best of all, these bags come in all sizes, colors, and shapes to either tone down or up your looks. Nowadays, you also get to see many fashion divas going creative by wearing it across the check to bring out the best in these.

8. Puffy Cloud Bag

puffy cloud bag
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Like Chain Reaction handbags, these puffy cloud bags are all that we need to come up with killer looks this Eid. This handbag trend is the epitome of “the summer bag” to help you pair it up with your lively looks.

Where it is a long gown, Kurtis, or western, you can never go wrong with the aesthetically appealing structure of puffy cloud bags that are making a statement this year.

9. Duffel Shaped Bag

Duffel Shaped Bag
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Duffel-shaped bags have the look of an oversized tote but offer more practicality with their innumerable compartments and durable body. These functional bags are named for the city in Belgium where you get to see thick canvas was first used to make these remarkable duffle bags.

Originally, they are known for travel bags, but thanks to the advancements in style and trends, you can avail them in several shapes like round, barrel, wheel, or squared and sizes to carry it with your everyday looks.

Each of these varieties is well suited for an individual of different needs to make this specific handbag trend a must-have in your wardrobe.

10. Saddle Handbags

saddle bag
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Deviated from an amoeba-like shape, saddlebags are increasingly getting popular among numerous celebrities who have been spotted carrying these breathtaking arm candies.

It is the same that compels people or the unique character that adds to your looks; you can never go wrong with these half-moon-shaped saddlebags that give us some solid summer vibes.

Whether it is the mini-structured bags you are opting for or the oversized duffle ones, this year’s handbag trends offer not only style but also variety in a way we have never imagined before. So which of these trends are going to come to your wishlist?