Most Exotic Handbags To Buy This Year

Most Exotic Handbags To Buy This Year

Most fashion trends last for a short period, but there are certainly excellent and long-lasting items that you should consider adding to your collection. If you're going to spend money on a new exotic handbag, think about investing in a style that will last for years rather than just a season.

As a result, it will be one of your greatest investments this year.

Looking through the traditional and modern collections is the finest option.

Exotic skins, ranging from lizard to ostrich and python, are highly sought-after treasures that frequently reach fantastic auction results and evoke strong demand on both the primary and secondary markets.

Celebrities are among the few individuals in the world who can afford one of these bags, which may cost well into the five figures (and, in one case, the six figures), which is a good thing because they aren't the kinds of bags that manufacturers give out for free. You can bet that practically all the hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of bags seen below were purchased rather than given as gifts. Let’s get straight into this article.

Best of exotic bags

Before we get into exotic bags, let’s take a look at some of the leathers and skins often used for them as well as some of their properties and why they’re famous.


Crocodile is commonly referred to as the "monarch" among exotic skins because it is arguably the most valuable and expensive leather on the market. Handbags made of crocodile hide normally attract the highest prices, both in-store and pre-loved, because of their luxurious appearance and feel.


At first glance, it's difficult to discern the difference between alligator and crocodile skins. The scales of alligators are slightly smaller and softer to the touch than those of snakes. Crocodile scales, in contrast to alligator skin, have small pores and visible traces of the animal's hair follicles, making them the simplest to distinguish.


Even in the exotics world, lizard skin is highly prized and scarce. It's a popular choice for evening bags and smaller sizes due to its tiny, spherical scales and shiny sheen. Lizards are incredibly delicate and require a lot of upkeep, as they might dry out, peel, or break if not properly cared for.


Python is one of the most delicate and vulnerable exotic animals. The snakeskin is particularly prone to color transfer, flaking, and drying, necessitating professional touch-ups every now and again. If your bag's python scales begin to curl, it's time to seek professional help. "Despite its sensitivity, python skin is not as easily broken as lizard skin." "Over time, your bag may lose scattered scales,"


The most durable exotic skin, ostrich leather is prized for the character and patina it develops over time. Ostrich, on the other hand, is prone to discoloration, and bag handles frequently darken when they come into touch with flesh. Ostrich is particularly difficult to clean, and stains can cause long-term harm.

Exotic bag options

Here are 6 incredible exotic bag options from various brands.

Chanel Mini Python Coco Handle Bag

Chanel Mini Python Coco Handle Bag


Chanel's Coco bag debuted this year in a pink version made of python and lambskin with gold metal fasteners. This exotic leather purse, out of all the house's exotic leather bags, takes the cake for its ladylike yet edgy vibe.

Louis Vuitton Chain Louise Crocodile Bag


Several of Louis Vuitton's current classic models are made of expensive leather. The Capucines is constructed of high shine and matte crocodile leather and come in three sizes. This exact one comes in a whopping 26 different colors.

GG Marmont crocodile mini top handle bag

GG Marmont crocodile mini top handle bag


Source: Gucci

The eccentric will appreciate Gucci's crocodile bag. The bag features a scalloped flap, chain shoulder strap, leather inside, and the house's trademark Animalia head with crystals, as well as a bamboo handle.

Verrou Mini Chain Bag

Verrou Mini Chain Bag


Source: ​​Gerluxe Hermes Verrou Chaine Mini Alligator Bag

The Verrou isn't a brand-new design by any means. The design was first unveiled in 1938 and remained buried until 2010. The purse made several appearances at Maison's fashion show this year, most notably in Mississippiensis alligator.

Large GV3 Bag

Large GV3 Bag


Source: Bragmybag Givenchy GV3 Bag

Givenchy's GV3 bag is available in leather, suede, and python if you don't want to entirely commit to delicate python. The GV3 was designed by Clare Waight Keller and is named after Maison's flagship on 3 Avenue George V.

Louis Vuitton Twist MM

Louis Vuitton Twist MM


Source: Louis Vuitton

The Crocodile Twist Mat is a work of art. It comes in three different colors: Fuschia, blue, and pink. But don't worry: Louis Vuitton offers a bespoke exotic leather service that allows you to personalize your bag to your specifications.

More things you want to know about exotic bags

We all enjoy taking care of our expensive items, but exotic leather purses require a little more attention than you might expect. Leather is an extremely durable material that can take a lot of abuse. Though some, such as lambskin, are more delicate, you should also include "exotic leather" in that category. Though snakeskin, alligator, and crocodile may elicit images of toughness and resilience due to the animals from which the leather is derived, these materials are actually rather delicate, with their scales prone to separate over time.

If your bag has pronounced scales, such as a python bag, clean in the direction of the scales rather than against them, and avoid circumstances where your bag is exposed to a lot of direct sunshine, humidity, or moisture, as all of these elements can cause lifting.

Exotic leathers are susceptible to heat and sunshine, therefore appropriate storage is essential. In previous blog pieces, we've discussed proper storage habits for your luxury bags, but it's always vital to remember that adequate stuffing and tonal storage bags are what you should be looking for.

Many people are surprised to learn that not all exotic leathers are waterproof. It's crucial to know how robust your bag is if you're looking into reptilian varieties of exotic leathers. Crocodiles, for example, are not waterproof, therefore it's better to keep them away from the weather as much as possible! If you're buying ostrich leather, you'll want to avoid getting it wet, just like you would with regular leather.