Most Affordable Handbag Brands to Add to Your Cart Now

Most Affordable Handbag Brands to Add to Your Cart Now

The handbag market is filled with luxury designer brands that offer each of their masterpieces with golden price tags. However, if we think about it, all of these emerged from small brands with affordable prices that can fit into anyone’s pocket. Nowadays, you get too many new under-the-radar emerging brands who are slowly building their name to become few of the best luxury handbag designers. 

Not just that, they have been paused by many high-end celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Sarah Khan, and Danielle Bernstein who can’t stop but flaunt these irresistibly beautiful bags wherever they go. Here are some of the most affordable handbag brands that you need to add to your cart now.

So, let's dive right in!

Kate Spade

Kate Spade-Pakistan-Intikhaab

Kate Spade is similarly priced to the Coach or Dooney and Bourke handbag collections the brand is specifically known for its wide range of materials colors and styles to girls of all types. Whether you like to shop from their official site or preowned (which is even cheaper), Kate Spade will never fail to elevate your personal style all while staying true to the trends. It aims to make its products assemble to everyone without compromising with its excellent longevity and quality whatsoever. 

By Far

 By Far-pakistan-intikhaab

If you are a bag lover, there is no way you haven’t heard of the incredible By Far Rachel Bag, which is a black leather bag that came straight from the 90’s runway. It has always been the favorite of many celebrities and got featured in countless movies. It was named after the famous 90’s sitcom Friends’ character Rachel Green who kept us in awe in the entire show. 

Making its success with the Rachel Bag, the brand now offers highly affordable trendy handbags with a wide array of unique styles and colors to resonate with your girly personality. Whether it sits the animal prints that you adore or solid bold colors, By Far has got it all!


JW PEI-pakistan-intikhaab

Here comes the Instagram influencer-famous JW PEI brand that is known for its cruelty-free and vegan leather that is taking over many high-end brands. That’s not even the best part, JW PEI not only keeps its prices low but it ensures you get the ideal workmanship, style, material, and service that is second to none. You would be extremely surprised to see how something as famous as JW PEI can fit in your process this easily. Their designs not only accentuate your regular looks but their exceptional functionality can make sure their bags are a must wear for women of Pakistan. From buckets to toes, mini bags to clutches there is a limit to the choices they have for you lying there. 


Source: StyleCaster

Looking for designer bags under $100? Well, look no further than Zara that is packed with all the essentials you may need to travel long hauls. They are specifically known for their tote bag variety that allows you to throw in everything you need yet look put together at the end of the day. Their stylish and practical approach to solving all of your problems makes it one of the favorite brands that only get better with time. 

If you own a few items from Zara, you will realize how innovative they are with their items to bring out the best in you. 

House of Want

House of Want-pakistan-intikhaab

As we all know, these designer handbags are here to stay so you might as well put your thoughts into them and find the best option. Instead of diving headfirst to the nearest shop or the first website that pops up at the top of Google, it’s best you do your own research and look for a brand that comes under your budget. 

If you are a fan of butter-soft Hermes kelly or Dior Saddle bag, you are totally going to go head over heels for House of Want designer handbags that are new statement pieces in every wardrobe. Unlike any other brands that follow trends, House of Want set these trends to create their own iconic image. 



No one can ever deprive themselves of Aldo handbags. They offer almost all the trendy handbags at affordable prices to help make them accessible for everyone. Besides their own stores, you can also count on third-party retailers who excel at keeping a huge stock of Aldo handbags to get you the best possible look anywhere, anytime.

The brand features faux leather construction in almost all of their products and is spacious enough to fit in all of your everyday essentials. With sleek and classic design they never fail to win over the hearts of millions of people and make their life a lot easier. One thing that makes Aldo stand above the rest is just its variety, color, or material but how all of their designs can seamlessly blend from morning/brunch to nighttime party looks with no hassle whatsoever. From the tiny detailings to the final look, the brand is known to exemplify perfection. 


Mango -pakistan-intikhaab

Mango is known for its classic handbags with slight touches of 90s silhouettes or designs to bring all the trends back. Mango prefers to keep everything cool and uses highly cool and unique bag shapes to give a completely chic look. If you are suckers for neutrals, Mango can be your ideal destination to flaunt these basics in all seasons all while being fashionable in your style. 

But if you are not, Mango is also equipped to offer bold and vibrant designs and colors for those ever-needed dramatic days where you feel like expressing yourself through accessories. All of their handbags fit into the budget and come with the highest quality material to eliminate any sort of doubts you may have about the brand. 

Wrap up

As a general rule of thumb, you get what you pay for. The affordable handbag brands mentioned above break through all these stereotypes and prove you can get premium-quality and look stylish under budget too. They help you with keeping up with the trends and make wise choices to help you in the long run.