9 Hacks to Look Expensive On a Budget

9 Hacks to Look Expensive On a Budget

Who doesn’t like to appear classy and elegant in high-end clothing, luxury designer handbags, and well-kept hair that makes you look as though you have come straight out of the fashion show?

As dreamy as it may sound, you also don’t want to break your bank for it. And the truth is, you don’t actually have to spend a ton to look expensive.

The point of looking “expensive” mainly revolves around the quality of the things you own and how you carry yourself. That said, here are some of the fool-proof ways recommended by fashion experts, also known as hacks to look expensive even if you’re on a budget.

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Here are our top 9 hacks to get you started.

Hack #1 – Start With Your Wardrobe

Before you look everywhere else to find inspiration, reflect and take a tour of your wardrobe. Analyze some of your favorite versatile pieces and mix and match to make outfit combinations to create new looks every day.

Remember, those items don’t have to be expensive. The only thing you need to keep in mind while doing it is to make sure your outfits and handbags are stainless and made with high-quality materials. This includes clothing and bags with rich textures and with clean stitching.

Hack #2 – Invest in a Few Inexpensive Basics

This is the second step to the point mentioned above. Once you have analyzed the things you own, make a list of some of the expensive basics you need to invest in.

For Western clothing, go for a simple white t-shirt and button-ups, a plain black shirt, an oversized denim jacket, and pre-owned designer handbags of some basic neutral colors. Other than this, you can never go wrong with ankle-high boots that will go well with the rest of your outfits.

pre-owned designer handbags

As for ethnic wear, it’s never a bad idea to have some statement embroidered shalwars, a few solid-colored Kurtis, tie-dyed dupattas, and not to forget the classic chicken white Kurtis that can go with everything.

Besides that, sarees are a great way to look elegant and help you look expensive on a budget. Once you are done with that, you can mix and match various accessories, clothes, and handbags to come up with unique looks every time you step out of the house.

Another trend you can try is to add a touch of fusion to your overall looks. Switch your saree blouse with western sequin tops that can instantly give a high-end look to any saree you wear.

Hack #3 – Experiment With Bright and Faded Colors

Although too bright and faded colors can be a good statement to complement any outfit, experts suggest you stick to the neutrals and rich colors if you are going for a rather expensive look. This includes: beige, brown, black, khaki, olive green, white, burgundy, navy, and rose pink.

Remember, your goal here is to look put together, and this can only be achieved by sticking to a particular color theme throughout the overall look, and when we say this, we mean your nails, footwear, and makeup.

Pay close attention to the outfit you are wearing for the day. Depending on that, choose contrasting or matching shoes and handbags. If you have a somewhat subtle look for the day, amp up your makeup with smokey eyes to balance the look.

Likewise, if bold and deep color is what you’re going for, neutralize everything with the minimal no-makeup makeup look.

Hack #4 – Get a Structured Bag

Structured bags have the potential to make anyone look expensive without putting in much effort. An excellent example of a structured handbag is the classic Lady Dior Handbag in deep or neutral colors.

look rich on a budget


Instead of going for retail ones, we would suggest you stay up to trends and go for pre-owned ones, which allows you to buy a new one every time you want to spice up the outfits.

The best part, these bags never fail to look chic and are timeless that can transcend seasons and only get better with age!

Hack #5 – Believe in the Power of a Camel Coat

There is nothing that looks more expensive than a good ol’ camel coat. They elevate any look, and the structured style makes them one of the most timeless pieces of all time.

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Regardless of what you wear inside, put on a nice camel coat with a structured bag and shades; you’re all set to look like a luxurious diva in every winter and autumn season.

Hack #6 – Wear Wrinkle-Free Clothing

Wrinkles can make even the most expensive clothes look cheap. If ironing is too much of a hassle for you, invest in a good steamer that will not keep your clothes wrinkle-free at all times, but a good quality one can last for decades too.

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Hack #7 – Get it Tailored

If you are buying clothes right off the shelf without adjusting them to your body size, know this is where you make the biggest mistake in looking cheap. This is especially true for a blazer and any other formal wear that always needs some trailering to fit you like a glove.

However, if an oversized Kurti is what we are talking about, make sure its shoulders don’t drag down too low to your actual shoulders.

Hack #8 – Invest in Simple Accessories

Inviting in delicate accessories like a watch, rings, and a few neckpieces can quickly help you look put together and give an impression that you have invested a reasonable sum of money and time into your style.

Other than that, shoes and sunglasses can also play the most significant role in helping you look expensive. Therefore, go for rather classic shoes and sunglasses that can elevate your outfit in an instant.

Hack #9 – Less is More

As they say, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication; we couldn’t agree more.

Although funky and striking outfits can help you speak your personality, make sure you are incorporating as many basics in your everyday look as possible. If you are ever worried about looking over or underdressed, always remember that under-dressing is still better when looking sophisticated and expensive.

So what are your fashion tips on looking expensive on a budget?