How To Choose Your Next Handbag

How To Choose Your Next Handbag

How do I pick the finest bag for my daily needs? With the price of handbags skyrocketing in recent years, choosing the correct one for everyday use has never been more vital. Although I do not believe that spending hundreds of pounds on a unique luxury handbag is required, you must consider whether you want a fashion statement or a useful piece of carrying equipment.

Of course, the majority of us would desire a mix of style, comfort, and functionality. So, here are some pointers to assist you in making your decision. So, without further ado, let's get started. Let's get this party started.

Tips for buying your ideal bag

Here are the promised tips on how to choose your next handbag.


How To Choose Your Next Handbag

People frequently claim that they do not have the financial means to purchase a luxury bag. Instead, they buy a lower-quality product that will eventually break down, and they will replace it with yet another low-cost bag.

Having a new bag every couple of months could seem like a smart idea? Remember that you have spent more money in the long run and have nothing to show for it.

So, when deciding how much you want to spend, consider the long term.

This isn't to say you won't be able to locate a high-quality bag at an affordable price! And not all high-end luxury bags are built to endure a lifetime.

Handbag Material

Handbag Material

Yes, you must now choose between real leather and a man-made leather alternative. Many individuals are now averse to wearing genuine leather because it is made from the skin of an animal and is used to make a fashionable outfit, bag, or pair of shoes. Each individual will determine whether or not they object to this. 

What I can say with certainty is that leather is extremely heavy to carry, even when empty, so avoid leather purses if you do a lot of walking and don't want a hefty weight hanging off your shoulder.

Synthetic materials are substantially lighter and come in a wide range of quality and resemblance to leather. If you take the time to hunt for them, you can find some excellent imitation leather handbags. If you reside in a warm region, you may make an everyday handbag out of the canvas, raffia, straw, bamboo, and a variety of other materials. 

Consider durability and whether these light-weight materials are likely to survive in good condition, or whether you only want a fashionable style that will last a season or two.



Yes, a purse, like your attire, must provide a level of comfort that you are satisfied with. Gucci had a major sale in Melbourne many years ago (something they would never do anymore because it "dilutes" the brand), and I bought a purse. The first thing I noticed was how well it fit under my arm and sat on my shoulder without falling off. "No surprise people generally spend so much for this kind of amazing design," I remember thinking.

So, when you try on a purse, pay attention to whether it pushes your arm out in an uncomfortable way. Is it too easy for it to fall off your shoulder? Is it necessary for you to hold it by the handles, which isn't your style?

We can like the look of a handbag, but if it isn't comfortable to carry about (and you will be carrying it around a lot and sometimes for extended amounts of time), we will rapidly grow to dislike it.


Bag weight

I like leather purses since they can be improved if they become scratched (which they will), unlike all the synthetic leather handbags. This means that, like a fine pair of leather shoes, I may polish my leather handbag, extending the life of my investment. However, when some leather handbags are empty, they may be quite heavy, which means that as soon as I put my kitchen sink in the bag, I'll be lugging 45kg on my shoulder. This is not healthy for my back (or mood).

So put the bag to the test and see how hefty it is. That added metal accent can sometimes add to the weight of a bag, making it unpractically heavy.



Credit: Bag Affair 

Is it just a space on the interior or does it include pockets? What kind of pockets does it have, and how many are there?

What you enjoy will be unique to you. This is a critical factor in my decision to get a new everyday handbag. I enjoy having a lot of discrete compartments so that I don't lose stuff and have to rummage through a bunch of receipts, Kleenex, and other random items to get what I need quickly.


Colors of bags

Of course, if you're shopping for an event handbag, you'll want it to complement your selected outfit - or, conversely, you might see a handbag you like and decide to plan your wardrobe around it! You might even come across a striking handbag to flaunt and make a statement with. Consider what colours you wear the most while looking for a new handbag to use on a regular basis. A plain colour, perhaps with a textured look and even a design patch, will often work well.


Finally, while there are bags designed for certain reasons (such as an evening bag), if you are someone who just has one bag that you wear with everything – to everywhere – every day, it must be adaptable in design.

  • It should be dressy enough to go with your job clothes.
  • It should be soft enough to go with your everyday attire.
  • It should match your colour scheme so that it doesn't conflict with your ensemble.

How do you pick a purse that works with everything? Begin with a colour that is a reflection of your hair. This is a colour you'll never get rid of. Because you wear your hair all the time, it's a perfect colour for purses, shoes, jackets, and belts, which are the pieces of ensembles that "go over" much other clothing.

Lastly, some general advice! If you're going to spend money on a new handbag, be sure it meets your needs and makes you feel good! Always take care of your purse, and it will take care of you! Okay, that's a touch clichéd, but it's true: show it some love when it appears to be in need, and don't dump it on the floor (even if it has got little feet). Finally, before purchasing a handbag, try it on (if you can). I sincerely hope you have gotten all the context you need in order to choose your next handbag.