How to Carry Your Handbag: 9 Styles That Say a Lot About You

How to Carry Your Handbag: 9 Styles That Say a Lot About You

Before stumbling upon this post, you probably never paid heed to how to carry your handbag. However, this is not what body language experts recommend.

The way you carry your handbag has been proven to reveal a lot about your personality. Want to find out if you’re a true introvert or extrovert? Read on. 

This isn’t just linked with yours; you can actually find out about your favourite celebrity only by looking at a few pictures of them with a handbag.

We have personally interviewed many body language experts and carried out an analysis to bring you a clear-cut guide on how you can reflect on your personality only by looking at your handbag.

Without further ado, let’s get started!



1. Over the Shoulder


If you are someone who prefers to sling the bag over your shoulder without covering the front indicates that you are not trying to hide behind an object to keep your body hidden. It’s a sign of confidence in what you wear and as a person in general.


how to carry your handbag


The fact that it’s swinging open showcases that you prioritize ease and functionality over aesthetics or killing your comfort only to pursue fashion. It leaves both hands free to carry out other important tasks. Whereas keeping it closed and buckled can indicate your prioritize to be otherwise.

None of these have to be negative, as all of this boils down to what you favour the most.

2. Over the Shoulder and Close to the Body


If you prefer to grip the bag to your body tightly, there are solid chances of fear or concern of your purse being stolen. However, in some cases, it can also indicate your lack of self-esteem. You can normally see women with a fewer variety of handbags tend to carry their bags close to their body and over the shoulder.


over the shoulder and close to the body


3. Crossbody


Wearing the crossbody in front of your body is one of the most common ways of carrying a crossbody bag. However, this gives a slight indication of a more cautious or shy personality.

crossbody handbag style


Whereas if your bag tends to be on a side or at the back, it just means you are not a peacock, and you look at handbags as a functional piece rather than something that enhances your appearance.

To help you determine which of the front cross-body categories you fall into, try examining your regular posture. Do you look down when you walk or perhaps like to keep your distance? You’re most likely to have a defensive personality.

4. Worn on Arm


People who tend to wear their bags on their arms prioritize their status and position. They are usually brand-conscious people to believe in dedicating one full arm to carrying their luxury designer handbag.


Worn on arm


There will never be a day where you won’t see them looking put together, have well-polished nails, and brushed hair every time they step out of their house.

Their bags tend to be slightly larger shoulder bags with a flashy brand logo to help people identify they are ‘in the know.’ As clear as it sounds, if you prefer to wear your handbags in the crook of the elbow, you surely favour fashion and style over practicality. We love our fashion divas who know how to flaunt their Diors perfectly.

5. Bagless


These are the most confident and self-assured people you will ever get to meet in your life. They usually have all their schedule laid out perfectly that they always know when they may need anything. They prefer to live a minimal life hands-free of worldly essentials that will only clutter up their day-to-day life.


how to carry your handbag

Although there are solid chances, you have your essentials at your office or in the car, walking the streets bagless can indicate a strong personality.

6. In Front of the Body with Both Hands


This body language is for the shyest of people. You get to see many young girls holding their clutches or purses who suffer from social anxiety or other stressful problems. You try to avoid the spotlight and keep everything to yourself.


Clutch purse

In fact, this body language helps people indicate the seriousness of their social anxiety and other security issues.

7. Tote on the Shoulder


Instead of sling bags on their shoulders, women who carry totes have the ever needed clear mind and carefree personality. They are more likely to be calm, collected, and more trusting of others. This is especially true if you tend to go for classic colours like tan and black for any outfit you may wear.


Michael Kors Tote bag


They are more relaxed and casual than others which indicated their friendly and easygoing personality. You’re great at minding your own business and shaking off life’s burdens effortlessly. Not to mention the sophisticated and elegant look that a tote bag brings along this bag-carrying style.

8. Under the Arm

It is completely alright if you are wearing a clutch under the arm; however, if that bag has handles on it, there is a lot that can give away your personality here.


5 Ways to Clutch


It indicates your laid-back style with an edgy touch to your overall appearance. There can also be chances of a carefree personality who isn’t overly obsessed with her personality. If your bag is gripped too tightly against your body, it sends a signal of nervousness and insecurity.


9. Held in Hand

Some women like to carry handbags in their hands like a briefcase. You could see the heavy burden of the bag leaning you to the side. Here, it communicates your down-to-earth personality and how you can look effortless in a beautiful dress while being practical with your bag.


clutch in hand


We would definitely suggest you go easy on yourself and carry something light. You can also find women who aren’t big fans of handbags carry their bags like this.

Now that we have come to the end of the guide remember that regardless of how you carry your handbag, your expression of personality and style resonates with your movement and how you communicate with others. So go out there, get your favourite bag, and flaunt it however you want!