A Complete Guide to 12 Different Types of Handbags and Their Uses

A Complete Guide to 12 Different Types of Handbags and Their Uses

Considering how your handbag is usually the life of the party for most of your outfits, you’ve got to try experimenting with them. Whether you are a sling bag person or tote, knowing what’s out there can help you spice up your style and add an element of uniqueness to aloof your outfits.

Here are the 12 different types of handbags and their uses


1.    Backpack Purse


Unlike regular backpacks, backpack purses have a stylish edge that makes them stand out from the rest. The size and shoulder straps help keep your hands free to focus on rather important things.


types of handbags and their uses


These bags come with various closures like claps, zippers, drawstrings, and buckles—all with their own character and style. Although it is not ideal to use backpack purses on special occasions, their spacious pockets and chic appearance definitely make them a wardrobe essential.

2.   Satchel


Where it can be messy to carry a practical laptop bag and your regular handbags to the office, Satchel solves this problem by being convenient and aesthetically appealing at the same time.

types of handbags


They hit the sweet spot being a shoulder bag and laptop bags to fit in your laptop, gadgets, notes, as well as makeup and other bag essentials. However, bear in mind to invest in some quality pieces so they can stay with you for longer. Satchels are perfect for working women.


3.   Box Clutch


This small, rectangular box offers structure and elegance to your outfit. Unlike regular clutches, these handbags come with a small handle that gives them the appearance of a mini briefcase. Women of all ages prefer to flaunt such gorgeous box clutches on special occasions, but some designs allow you to carry them on an everyday basis too.


box clutch

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4. Sling Bag


We practically carry our whole wardrobe in our bags, so why do it fashionably?


sling bag

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Sling bags are the most practical handbag type of all time. They come with plenty of variant demand styles, making it impossible to resist buying each of them from different brands. Sling bags keep your hands free and can effortlessly fit in your phone, cards, lipstick, mints, along with other essentials that you may want to carry.

5.   Shoulder Bag


These highly functional handbags are all you need to carry your emergency items to help save any bad day. They come in a wide array of styles, colors, structures, and shapes, allowing you to buy as many shoulder bags as you like. It is never a bad idea to have a few shoulder bags with basic colors like beige and black, to help you speak your personality in professional and personal settings.


shoulder bag

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They can either be slung over your shoulders or, as most people do it, carry it in your arm or hands to make this the first thing people see about your appearance.

6.   Crossbody


As its name suggests, crossbody handbags are like your typical shoulder bags but with a strap that goes across your body. They are efficient, and thanks to the variety of colors, textures, and shapes, they can also help to amp up your entire look.




One of the best things that make crossbody a favorite for many women is carrying numerous items without weighing you down.

The best crossbody in the world? Chloe Mini Drew Crossbody Bag.

7.   Tote Bag


When you don’t know what to wear, tote bags come to your recuse with their exceptional style and functions that not only make you look put together on your worst days but are highly trendy pieces too.


tote bag


These are large, single-compartment bags with usually no closure to allow you to throw in your last-minute essentials into the bag while you are on the go. You will get to see a few tote bags made from hard and casual fabric; many brands also design tote bags with materials like nylon and leather to give the ever-needed sophisticated look.

Many bag lovers prefer to flaunt this bag in the office and on the streets for a more chic look. Looking for affordable yet 100% authentic tote bags in Pakistan? Check out Intikhaab. Shop.

8.   Woven Basket Bag


First carried by the legendary Jane Birkin in the ‘60s, women’s basket bags are still the go-to boho bags for people on their vacation. The organic fabrication like straw, wicker, raffia, and rattan gives it a refreshing look among all the bags we have mentioned so far.


basket bag

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Its sandy-hue and elements like beads and seashells can make the ideal choice for beachwear. You can effortlessly pair woven basket bags with your maxis with florals as well as jeans.

9.   Hobo Bag


Hobo bags are timeless and fashion-forward statement pieces that never fail to bring out the best in your outfits. You can feel stylish without trying too hard with the beauty of these bags. Their soft crescent shape can either be structured or slouchy, depending on how you prefer your hobo bags.


types of handbags and their uses

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One of the reasons why many fashionistas recommend it is to provide a laid-back style to any outfit you choose to wear for the day.

10. Wristlet


You can easily loop one of these wristlets around your waist when you want to bother with unnecessities. Such bags can easily fit in our ID cards, lipstick, keys, and smartphones.


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They can be your best friend when you are hopping from one location to the other and need something compact and lightweight to help you get through it all. Indeed it takes incredible fashion taste to opt for wristlets.

11. Bucket Bag


The bucket bags are an amazing choice when you are stuck between looking for practicality and aesthetics. These types of bags bridge the gap between chic and sophistication with their structured body and designs that are also highly convenient.


types of handbags in Pakistan

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You can fit in your whole wardrobe without worrying about damaging these gorgeous handbags.  Many designers, especially Louis Vuitton, have excelled in making highly fashionable statement bucket bags for women of all tastes.

However, the most popular bucket bag in the world these days is undoubtedly Mansur Gavriel Mini Leather Bucket Bag. And it is also one of the celebrities’ favorites!

12. Fanny Pack


Who isn’t aware of the trendy look that these gorgeous fanny packs can instantly give a contemporary look to any outfit. This much-maligned fashion accessory can be worn by both men and women.


types of handbags

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Nowadays, you can see the rebranded version of fanny packs in the form of belts or waist bags. Just snap it around your waist, and you’re good to go with your iconic style element.

I hope you liked this roundup review of the 12 most popular types of handbags and their uses. So that you know, Intikhaab has all these types of bags on board. Go and have a look!