9 Stylish Designer Bag Brands Only Fashion Queens Know

9 Stylish Designer Bag Brands Only Fashion Queens Know

We are in a time where it’s impossible that anything can fly under our radar. We find out about the latest Instagram picture Mahira Khan posted 30 seconds ago, so what makes you think we wouldn’t find out about every other full-fledged designer bag brand on the market. In situations like these, it’s never a bad idea to level up your fashion game and make a statement with unique handbag brands that people have never heard of.

These designer bag brands not only produce quality work to appeal to the eye but also dig deep down to raise their voice against common environmental and social issues.

Truth be told: the first thought that comes to our mind when we think of the word “luxury” our minds automatically swarm around the gorgeous Chanel Classics or perhaps a cherry YSL paired with high-end clothing. That said, you can never call yourself a fashion queen unless you know at least any four of these underrated designer bag brands.



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 Established in 1927 by Aldo Furlanetto in Bologna, Furla has prevailed its name to craft the finest handbags with time-honored craftsmanship, innovation and beauty only to bring the Contemporary Italian style to life. Their handbags certainly reflect the creative beliefs Furla stands for, like quirkiness, color, joyfulness, and of course the ever-needed Modern Italian Lifestyle.

By taking an upper hand to reduce environmental impact, most of Furla’s sites in Italy and London are fully powered by energy from renewable sources. The authentic leather and original color only add to the richness of Furla’s unique arm-candies and we are totally digging it.


Nothing can beat the authenticity and beauty of Tory Burch. Each collection is specifically made with intricate details to meet the colors of love, travel, and seasons. When we say that, we mean it good. The special details on each of their seasonal New York Fashion Week and in campaign photographs never fail to make it impossible to keep people’s eyes off them. Literally.

The outstanding company now owns more than 300 stores worldwide to bless everyone with its innovative products. Tory believes in her simply putting family first and empowering Women Entrepreneurship through the Tory Burch Foundation called Walk the Walk for more than 10 years now. And because of this, we all shift the way we see her and her mesmerizing handbags.



If timeless American style fashion had a name it would be Dooney & Bourke. The designer effortlessly makes the most rigorously detailed luxurious handbags that resonate with its iconic designs. Once you start scrolling through their website, you can always expect to find something to suit your personality.

The designer also excels at making one of the best small leather goods like watches, travel goods, and accessories to broaden his horizons and give you thousands of options to choose from. With over 150 businesses globally, Dooney & Bourke are definitely one of the most stylish handbag designers that many people may not know of.



This breathtaking masterpiece is by Rebecca Minkoff. The fashion brand was started by a duo of Rebecca Minkoff and Uri Minkoff, both siblings一in 2005 in New York City. The brand has prevailed its name with its soft yet edgy designer handbags worn by young, beautiful women all over the world.

That’s not it, to give you more freedom of choice, Rebecca Minkoff also offers a wide array of apparel, accessories, and luxury headbands that are second to none.



Now here comes the personal designer of the very beautiful Princess of Wales, Diana. The Irish-Ameican designer Paul Costelloe has a proven record of excellent work in fashionable handbags since 1945. What is interesting to note here is, since the establishment of his brand, Paul Costelloe has been focused on creating splendid handcrafted handbags with luxurious fabric and innovative designs to make something that still reaches heights today.

While Paul Costelloe was indulged in perfecting his work, his family-owned and ran the business. What’s more, once Paul Costelloe finishes his designers, he works with a brilliant team of renowned technicians, manufacturers, and suppliers to make sure you get the right handbag to flaunt anytime you wish.


Ollie & Nic makes one of the most vibrant and lively handbags that we have ever seen. The best thing about the brand is that it focuses on bridging the gap between High Street collections and the Designer labels to make it accessible for every woman worldwide.

Whether you like bright funky colors or stay on an edge with bold colors, Ollie & Nic has crafted everything by keeping your personality in mind. Their designs are not only the apple of your eyes but aid practicality too. This is why each of their arm pieces is covered with seasonal-specific details to meet your preferences.



This newly founded company makes one of the very few alluring handbag pieces from Germany. Premium fashion and streetwear have already spread their success like fire.

Perhaps that’s why you’re getting to know about them too! The designer aims to create awe-inspiring arm pieces by combining art, design, and street culture to set a benchmark in the luxury fashion industry. And seeing some of their best handbag pieces we can surely vouch for that too.


Be it a party, or a casual night out一If you are one of those people who like to pair up your favorite designer Bag Brands bag with every outfit, we are here to tell you Karen Millen also shares the same views.


And we all know what happens when a luxury handbag designer shares the same views. Karen Millen’s designs are articulated with a wide array of versatile masterpieces that can elevate the look of any ensemble. They bring catwalk fashion trends right to your hands so you walk out of your house with a bam!


Here comes a brand that we desperately have been waiting to mention. Fiorelli is a vegan brand that excels at creating breathtaking handbags and accessories to bring together style with responsibility. They view handbags as the life of the party for every outfit, and we could totally see that resonating in their bags. Not just that, their modern pieces also come with practical solutions in-line with seasonal trends, all while staying affordable and functional for everyday wear.

So, which one of these designer bag brands did you already know? Let us know in the comments below.