8 Things You Wish You Knew Before Buying Your First Branded Bag

8 Things You Wish You Knew Before Buying Your First Branded Bag

Regardless of your age and experience, breaking a certain spending threshold on a branded bag can definitely be nerve-racking. If you are thinking of switching up your style and investing in some quality pieces, we bet you already have your ideal bag in mind.

That said, considering how you can avail of numerous branded bags on the tip of your fingers, it also opens up gates with counterfeits and challenges that can become a barrier between you and your favorite armpiece.

To ensure you don’t stumble upon anything that can ruin your first branded bag, here’s a complete guide to the things you wish you knew before buying your first branded handbag in Pakistan.


It is recommended to read this guide to the end so you can get your hands on the best designer handbag in Pakistan.

1. There Are Amazing Discounts Available On Branded Bags


The best part about designer handbags is that they are made to fit the budget of all types. Unfortunately, the first thing that comes to our mind when we think of opting for one is how much strain it will put into your bank account. This, as a result, has deprived you of indulging yourself in some gorgeous-looking luxurious pieces.

discount on branded bags

There are many functional, aesthetically appealing, and budget-friendly bag types like a camera bag or simple totes that can come with literally any price label.


2. Buying Pre-Owned Designer Handbags Is Sometimes The Best Option


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When you realize your obsession for handbags growing (which is inevitable), the best way to economize is to go for pre-owned options. They offer everything you need from quality to original brand name all at the comfort of your home.

Here at Intikhaab, we allow you to get cozy in your warm blanket, scroll through the hundreds of original handbags available or search for your favorite brand, and get ready to flaunt it anytime, anywhere, literally within a single week.

3. Keep Usability in Mind


It is easy to get carried away and make impulsive choices that will make you regret every rupee spent on the handbag. Therefore, before you are about to clear your wishlist, make sure you answer these three crucial questions:

  • How frequently do you see yourself wearing it?
  • Do you have a few looks in mind that you can pair with these bags?
  • Is the bag functional?


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These questions are essential because let’s admit it, besides a few of our favorite prices, all of your bags are only collecting dust in your wardrobe. Whether it is the eccentricity of the bag that compelled you or the latest trend, if you currently don’t have anything to pair it with, you will most likely never have time or money to specifically go and buy something that would suit your new choice of branded handbag.

As far as the functionality factor is concerned, you will never end up using your handbag if it can’t even fit in your smartphone. Therefore, trust your strong women instincts and be mindful before making your first purchase.

4. It’s Best to Choose a Branded Bag That Suits Your Needs


There are different types of handbags that serve various purposes to suit your everyday style. The most common type of bag that most women gravitate towards is the toe bag. This is mainly because of their chic look, versatile designs, and practicality that allows you to fit in your whole wardrobe without making a mess.


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why do you need a handbag


Make sure to go for scratch-resistant and waterproof bags that only make it easier to carry them every day. However, if you are someone who prefers to have relatively smaller bags, go for sling or crossbody bags with adjustable straps to allow you to wear them around your shoulders as well as carry them in your hand.

Such types are great to keep your hands free, and their wide variety of styles can make it irresistible to choose one among the thousands of options out there.

Other than that, some women also like to buy clutches to instantly amp up any formal wear.


5. Making Durability A Top Priority Can Save You Huge Bucks in the Long Run


Durability is one of the most important aspects to consider before investing your hard-earned money into branded bags. With it a good quality bag, you can easily pass your arm candy to generations that can fulfill the needs of all.

In this case, brands like Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, Chanel, Furla, and Calvin Klein have prevailed their names to manufacture highly durable handbags that can last you for a lifetime.

Want to learn more about these brands? Visit our Brands page.

6. Going for Classics Will Make Your Choice Worthwhile


Classic bags are timeless pieces that can go with any outfit. If this is your first-ever designer bag, try sticking to something more risk-free that can also help you flaunt it on every occasion. This includes a classic brand with a classic style along with basic colors that can help accentuate any look you are trying to pull off for the day.


classic handbags

Doing this can help you lay a foundation, so you are better equipped for your next one. Other than this, if you are willing to resell, your preowned handbags are relatively the same price, buy classics can also make it effortless to find customers.

7. It Is Easy to Become a Victim of Counterfeits


There are many online websites out there that are opening scamming people into buying counterfeits. To avoid falling prey to brand new handbags, it’s always best to purchase them straight from the official website rather than opting for third-party sellers.

As for the pre-owned ones, always make sure to thoroughly read the policies and credibility of the website before opting for your first purchase with them.

You can also read our guide How to Spot Fake Designer Bags to find out more.

8. Always Remember Your Right to Return


Considering how you would be spending some solid bucks on your purchase; make sure the company offers a returns policy so you can ensure complete satisfaction with your handbag. Once you get the bag delivered, save the receipt, rigorously look for any defects and ensure the zippers work fine.

If you happen to encounter any problem, count on the company to get you a return right away.



The world of fashion is an ever-changing act that nudges you off if you don’t keep up with it. As Eid and summer are approaching, it’s high time you refreshed your closets and showed some love to not only yourself but to your loved ones as well.