7 Ways to Style the Doubled-Up Handbag Trend

7 Ways to Style the Doubled-Up Handbag Trend

Fashion trends are only getting better with age. Why carry one bag when you can make a statement with two? Agree or not, not just these trends are getting stylish but more practical and convenient too. When paired up with the latest street style looks, you can rest assured of showcasing your handbag collection without looking too “extra” at parties and gatherings. 

Although this trend has been alive in runways for years, it is now slowly transitioning to real life and making a practical move to limit the problem of tiny (really tiny) pockets that we women have in our jeans. 

Here’s a complete guide on how to style doubled-up bag trends and make a statement anywhere, anytime. 

Layer it up

7 Ways to Style the Doubled-Up Handbag Trend

Source: Vogue.co.uk

This can be a great way to add other trends into one. Go for two bags of the brand in the same collection or complementary bags that can work well with each other. Now, it’s never a bad idea to color block for a more sophisticated look or one single design but in two different handbag styles. For example, a floral clutch and a floral shoulder handbag to help put the look together. Another thing that you can try is to go for 2D slip canvas handbags along with mini wallets to maintain the same minimalist look in the cleverest way possible. 

If not that, go for the net bag trend with a pop of color in a wallet or clutch to add some drama to the overall look. The key here is to be creative with your handbag choices to amp up any ordinary outfit and let your personality shine through. 

Keep it transparent 

Keep it transparent -intikhaab-double handbags

Source: Vogue.co.uk

Gone are days when handbags were used to only store your essentials. Nowadays, you can feel free to experiment with your bag choices and keep up with the doubled-up handbag trend to help you stay in the know. 

Own a transparent bag but don’t know where to store your “private” essentials? Get a leather sister with it! As we all have transparent bags everywhere. Whether it is the runway, watching the Kardashians in Chanel Clear bags, or admiring them on online stores, they truly catch the eye. 

However, the lack of privacy is probably the #1 reason why it is in your wishlist not in your shopping cart. Now, thanks to the doubled-up handbag trend you can rest assured to have a secure space for your personal necessities and have the clear space for all those pretty items that you can never stop flaunting. You can go ahead with the ever-needed summer look by adding a fresh color in your bag, leather, or someone more basic with a tan; it can be a great way to spice up your looks without putting much thought into it every morning. 

Nowadays, it’s no surprise to find celebrities going with clear doubled-up totes on the streets and getting paparazzi to go crazy over their looks. 

Multi Colors 

Double up bag

Source: Repeller.com

If you are a sucker for colors, you can never have enough multi-color handbag pieces in your wardrobe. So the best way to further showcase your collection is to incorporate them into this doubled-up handbag trend. Not just colors, this trend does wonders in bringing shades together of the same color to complement your outfit and glam you up in no time. Think of a blush pink with a cherry one or teal with a navy one— the options are infinite, and the choice is yours. 

Different Sizes

Doubled-up handbag trend

Source: Harpersbazaar.com

Never hesitate to go crazy with the handbag sizes and neutralize with a normal-sized handbag. You can either wear them crossed over to your chest or on your shoulders, go for two different sizes of bags and add variety to a boring ensemble. 

Now that you have the option to add multiple bags, it will be a lot easier to mix and match and ensure you don’t break your bank while doing this. When we talk about sizes, it doesn’t apply to the size of the bag. You can go for the same sized bag but with different straps’ height adjustments to make it more versatile, fashionable, and easy to wear. 

This ensures you don’t overwhelm yourself while you are simply trying to stay up to the trends of 2021.

Maillon Bag

Maillon Bag Intikhaab

Don’t have time to think about all the mix and match in the morning? While handbags lie, the Maillon bag is your knight in shining armor. The bag offers a vintage look with a sleek style and easy-to-adjust straps in different handbag sizes to help you do the trick. You can feel free to incorporate two of these into the same look but with different sizes and/or colors to help you stay on board with this latest handbag trend. 

For that extra drama, you can add a net bag and throw in a Maillon Bag for a unique and chic look all while staying under your pocket. Don’t know how to style that? Here’s the guide to help you ace it perfectly.  

Cable Shopper Bag

Cable Shopper Bag

Source: Lyst.com

If you are looking for a go-to tote bag with adjustable straps for you to layer it up, you can never go wrong with this incredible Balenciaga Cable Shopper bag that can do the trick in the way you want it to be. And if you happen to go for the net bag, this can work as the upper layer of your casual bags. 

That’s not even the best part, these come in a wide array of materials ranging from Crocodile, Fur, to Calfskin that can complement any other bag that you pair it up with. As for styling it, you can either go for the same sized bags but in two different strap adjustments or the same strap adjustments with different handbag sizes, regardless of that, these bags can never fail to make a mark. 

Print on Print

Print on Print-intikhaab

Source: Repeller.com

Are you a fan of animal prints, checkered, or perhaps plaid? The doubled-up handbag trends can be a great way to showcase that in the most stylish way possible. You can go for bags of different patterns and pair them with a plain outfit to let these bags shine on their own