60s Handbag Style Guide: How to Carry Handbags Like 60s Divas

60s Handbag Style Guide: How to Carry Handbags Like 60s Divas

The 1960s was the time for distinctive bag moments to see the top stars making a statement with their flashy designer handbags. Whether it is the classic Lady Dior or the gold ol’ Hermes, 60s had a completely different approach to flaunting their bags compared to today. 

And this is where you take the opportunity. 

As timeless as these 60s designer handbags are, you can surely take a step ahead and get yourself a handbag that is specifically designed to mesmerize everyone you meet. 


Here are a few designer handbags that were famous even back in the 60s:

1. Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag

Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag

Although the 60s was an era where freedom in fashion was a priority where women would opt for dresses with practical pockets, the gorgeous styles of luxury handbags made it impossible to ditch them. Here you can see the French voyager since 1854, Louis Vuitton has always set the benchmark high since its inception. 

The highly alluring trademarks, designs, and rich colors have not only enticed Audrey Hepburn to carry it to one of her iconic airport looks. Still, they have been a symbol of fashion and elegance for countless other celebrities as well. 

When we specifically talk about the Louis Vuitton Speedy bag, the bag only gets better with time. From our favorites of 1960s celebrities to make a statement on the runway till today, you will never fail to see Louis Vuitton pumping out fine pieces with Damier, florals, and initial driven monograms that would ideally contribute to your taste.

In fact, this bag has coined its transformative presence in the luxury market as being the signature way to showcase your style standards and enhance your overall look.

What’s more, this soft tote bag is not just a beautiful piece of arm candy; it also offers excellent practicality with its spacious interior, durable outer, and plenty of pockets. 

2. Lady Dior

Lady dior

If you didn’t know this already, to carry handbags like 60s diva, you need to maximize styling and lean towards timeless pieces that can help become your signature handbag in the long run; yes, that’s the beauty of luxury bags!

A great example of that is Lady Diana, who never hesitated to step outside the house in her classic Lady Dior handbag, named after her. This is especially true when you have bags with flashy dangling monogram charm that are the apple of any eye. 

Believe it or not, nothing can beat the 60s in its ever-famous handbag styles that are amassed in an impressive collection of unique and edgy bags to theirs. 

3. Courreges


Here comes the life of the party for many celebrities in the 60s. To show you how to carry the 60’s Handbags Style, these top-selling bags from the time have made their name because of their bright colors and geometric shapes that help give them a competitive edge over the rest. 

The best piece from the brand definitely has to be the Orange Courrèges Tote that conveys a lively personality in a way no other brand can. To ensure you never miss out on this gorgeous bag, you get to see many updated versions of this specific bag from Furla and many other iconic brands that bring this opportunity back to the tables and on to your arms!

4. Sac a Courroies

60s Handbags Style

What makes this bag still well known today is the story behind its name that enticed many people to opt for it with no second thoughts. As Grace Kelly is the epitome of Hollywood glam, she was seen wearing it at the site of an Alfred Hitchcock film where she fell in love with it.

Ever since that day, this bag has been making a statement through the princess’ name and set your standards high. 

Sac à Courroie till today is known for its fate attached with Kelly as you can see her flaunting the bag anywhere she goes. Since then, Hermes has been known for the signature bag, making it the list of favorites for many celebrities.

5. The Jackie

60s Handbags Style the jackie

Here comes the bag making a comeback in its highly versatile design and alluring structure that gives it an upper hand over the rest. You can mainly see Jackie Kennedy stopped wearing the spectacular hang to show you how to carry handbags like 60s diva. 

This signature Gucci handbag line comes with its monogram and definition piston hardware to accentuate the details that help pull together your look.

Although the bag wasn’t already named Jackie, due to the popularity gained by the celebrity, it is now a fashion statement known for her endless style. 

You can avail this bag in various colors, sizes, and materials expressed through Alessandro Michele’s creativity with his beloved lines that blend tradition with contemporary aesthetics. 

As if this wasn’t already enough, the bag also offers exceptional practicality to aid convenience for all the women out there. 

6. Hermes

Hermes 60s Handbags Style

Another Hermés making our list was first introduced in 1959 that brought the fresh and contemporary style to give women the freedom to choose anything they wanted. 

One of the things that made it so popular is its sleek design that is favoured by making celebrities today. The french icon has never failed to lighten up any outfit with its excellent look and texture that gives the most comfortable feel you could think of.

Like some of the other famous Hermes handbags like the Birkin and Licol, this bag also bears the Hermes signature pattern that revolves around being aesthetically appealing, all while being practical enough to store large essentials. 

The craftsmanship, design, and structure have helped this specific handbag to stand above the rest and give it an overall contemporary and fresh feel to any outfit that you may decide to wear with this. 

All in all, as we all have seen, the fashion in the ’60s was highly different from now. However, you can always use this opportunity to grab onto a bag, pick an extraordinary shape and instantly glam up even your most boring outfits with your unprecedented gorgeous looks and alluring natural style.