6 Ways to Feel Confident With What You Wear

6 Ways to Feel Confident With What You Wear

Ever seen a blogger or a celebrity effortlessly flaunting outfits, and you wonder if you could pull off those gorgeous looks the same way? If you have, we are here to tell you that you are not alone.

How to feel confident with what you wear is a question many women in Pakistan ask. There are just too many stigmas in our society that sometimes we fail to enjoy the most important things in our life.

The process of feeling confident with yourself starts with being content with who you are. Appreciate your uniqueness instead of attempting to emulate what’s trendy or pretending to be someone you are not. The day you achieve that will be the day you wouldn’t need approval anymore.


Here are 6 ways to help you stay comfortable with yourself regardless of what you’re wearing or carrying.

1. Wear What Makes You Feel Comfortable

If you aren’t comfortable wearing what you see on the internet, don’t go for it. You don’t need to wear high heels and trendy jeans to be considered “stylish.”

feel confident with what you wear

If you find it awkward to hang a belt bag around your waist, ditch that and go for cross-body bags that are convenient yet timeless. If you ask me, go for a basic T-shirt and funky Kurtis if that’s what helps you speak your personality.

The point here is to stay true to your roots and embrace that everyone is unique. The outfit that looks jaw-dropping on the person sitting beside you doesn’t necessarily have to suit your body the same way.

2. Know the Difference Between “Cheap” and Inexpensive

There are times when you stumble upon a golden price tag that instantly changes the way you view that item. And what makes it worse doesn’t matter how the piece actually looks or feels on you.

In reality, it is no surprise to find luxury items that sell for their brand name rather than the quality and appearance of their products.

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Therefore, it’s high time you understand the difference between cheap and inexpensive luxury items, where cheap refers to the product’s low quality regardless of the price tag, and inexpensive refers to an affordable price even if its quality or value is better high-end brands.

Read that again.

However, here the point isn’t how high-end brands are only known for leading the name. Sure, some exceptional fashion designers have worked hard and shown unprecedented results to get to where they are. Still, this fact alone shouldn’t overshadow other potential brands that offer the same excellent quality at affordable prices to help access all the fashion queens out there.

Now you can hit any store you like without worrying about the price or brand tag. However, make sure to be mindful about how the material and style would lay on your body.

3. Own Your Looks

We all have been there: you walk into a party and feel as though you have caught the eye of every judgemental person in the room. Whether it is your makeup, hair, shoes, or outfit, you are afraid that you must have offended someone or the other. The harsh truth is people will talk about it, and it’s never only about you.

how to feel confident in what you wear

The best way to deal with such situations is to keep your head high and be proud of how you look and dress. Inevitably, your confidence will radiate the same energy and likely shift the perspectives of people around you.

4. Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously

You can always get out of your comfort zone and choose the looks that make you feel special. That’s completely alright if wearing a bright, bold pattern doesn’t resonate with your personality or if it’s “not you.”

Restricting yourself by saying a particular color or style like flair bottoms or perhaps the color red doesn’t go well with your body is probably the worst way to put yourself out there.

feel confident with what you wear

Therefore, find yourself and choose an outfit or handbag that instantly catches your eye. It doesn’t have to look good on you first, or perhaps the second thoughts take you under a cloud of insecurities.

Here, don’t be afraid to mix and match it with different colors and accessories to balance out the statement piece’s eccentricity; you can also take help from the sales personnel to assist in finding various ways of styling.

Remember why you were drawn to that specific item in the first place and give it a fair shot.

5. Develop A Signature Look

You don’t necessarily have to live in-the-know and follow trends. Develop something unique about your looks that stays with you regardless of how much time you put into your looks. It can either be a bold lip, colored eyeliner/mascara, or perhaps a hint of funkiness to all your clothing; it always boils down to how confident you feel in it.

A signature look may also include a designer handbag you fancy. If your outfit doesn’t put you in a good mood when you first wear it, know this isn’t the one for you.

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Believe it or not, we all judge people by their appearance, and there is nothing too unusual about itーits human nature after all. Instead of viewing it in the wrong light, you can turn this aspect in your favor.

You can dress in a way that helps you stay true to your personality. If looking confident is your goal, go for more boss-lady, bold and sophisticated looks that perfectly display who you are at first glance. Another thing you can do is to dress in the person you want to be.

As they say, fake it till you make it.

Use the same theory to try out a few touches (remember you still want to stay true to yourself) of the vibes you want to radiate. Once you are done that, you will immediately start to see yourself evolving and gaining confidence for good.

6. Sometimes It’s Alright To Let Go…

It’s not natural to always feel optimistic about the way you look. In fact, this comes in under negative feelings since you aren’t accepting your true feelings by creating a fake shield of positivity that will only build up insecurities in the long run.

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For days like these, go for your favorite comfort wear (could be pajamas too) and accept the fear of getting liked by everyone is only in your head rather than something rational and real.