Best Nora Fatehi Bags Spotted By Intikhaab Team

Best Nora Fatehi Bags Spotted By Intikhaab Team

Isn't it true that we put our whole trust in our bags? Give us a reason not to be smitten with bags. It's the accessory that can make you look, put-together, with all the glitz and glam all precisely infused. Bags with style: Yes, we're back with an edit that's all about the cool since it covers Nora Fatehi's bag collection, which includes anything ranging from bags to backpacks. Take care of your eyes!

Nora Fatehi is noted greatly for both her dance moves and her high-end purses. So don't be surprised when we tell you that several of her high-end purses cost lakhs of dollars. Nora's luxury arm candies are striking and wonderfully put in sync with her style, and are loved and cherished everywhere by fans and fashion enthusiasts alike.

Here we have gathered some of the best Nora Fatehi bags that might just blow your mind so let’s have a look, shall we?

1. Fendi Peekaboo Iseeu East-West Bag

Nora Fatehi

Source: IDiva 

Nora went for an all-black look with leather leggings and a black cami top, and her handbag added a wonderful splash of color. However, such a sartorial move would regularly come at a high price. 

2. Hermes Birkin Handbag

Hermes Birkin Handbag

Source: iDiva 

In a white blazer and a sheer bodysuit, the celebrity looked absolutely brilliant. While her killer outfit drew a lot of attention, it was mainly her handbag that had a lot of people talking.

Nora Fatehi's Hermes Birkin handbag, which costs about 1,657,626.11 Pakistani Rupee is one of her most valued things. Nora knows that Hermes Birkin's purses are timeless classics in any woman's wardrobe. This is why Nora Fatehi has two Hermes Birkins, one in the color tan and the other one in black, which she regularly wears with her elegant ensembles at the airport or on dinner dates.

3. Yves Saint Laurent Large LouLou Chain BagBest Nora Fatehi Bags

Source: India Today

With this high-octane photoshoot, the star had stunned basically everyone. She completed the already gorgeous look with a black YSL purse.

The quilted YSL LouLou chain purse, which resembles the aforementioned Chanel handbag but is a collector's item nonetheless, is known as one of the hottest bags on the block. The handbag's large form and quilted appeal make this 473,607.46 Pakistani Rupee purse a very adaptable handbag to own.

4. Louis Vuitton Petite Boite Chapeau Bag

Louis Vuitton Petite Boite Chapeau Bag

Source: Pinkvilla

Nora wore an asymmetrical shirt and camel-toned leggings and carried another LV purse on another day. 

On days and circumstances when bags or giant satchels aren't appropriate, we opt for smaller, more practical ones to suit our various outfits. To get those looks, Nora Fatehi opts for everything but the usual. Aside from her classics, she also has the Louis Vuitton Petite Boite Chapeau bag, which can also cost around 1,202,962.95 Pakistani Rupee and can be seen everywhere from Dubai to Mumbai.

Nora has been photographed by paparazzi while out and about in the city, carrying the Louis Vuitton Petite Boite Chapeau Bag. They include a little removable and adjustable strap with the bag. It's really quite fashionable!

This mini, round-shaped LV bag is one which can instantly instantly grab anyone's attention.

5. LV OnTheGo Tote Bag


Source: india

Nora has made a case for crop tops and thin jeans on many occasions, and has been photographed in them with wearing one of her favorite LV purses. This Louis Vuitton top handle bag is estimated to be worth $2,58,074. (USD 3,500).

Louis Vuitton had mastered the loud and proud monogram in roughly 2020, with their traditional patterns making an appearance on their designs. The OnTheGo MM is a fabulously large tote handbag for women on the run, and it's no surprise that Nora Fatehi chose one of these handbags for her day out, which can cost over 639,370.07 Pakistani Rupee at the store.

6. Chanel Quilted Double-Chained Handbag

Chanel Quilted Double-Chained Handbag

Source: Swirlster 

The archetypal Chanel quilted handbag has been known as another classic in Nora Fatehi's handbag line that is as timeless as timeless can get. This timeless handbag costs roughly about 1,207,699.02 Pakistani Rupee and is one of those rare purses that can be used for anything, from casual dinner dates to holiday outings to even shopping in Dubai if Nora Fatehi is wearing it.

7. Gucci Chained Handbag With Tiger Head

Gucci Chained Handbag With Tiger Head

Source: Charmboard

Nora Fatehi is known for having some of the best limited-edition classic pieces to complement her outfits. The Gucci chained shoulder purse with the Gucci emblem and the limited edition tiger head motif, which cost 615,689.70 Pakistani Rupee and is one of the most sought after pieces from the fashion company, caught Nora Fatehi's eye for detail and all things exquisite.

8. Louis Vuitton On The Side Handbag

8. Louis Vuitton On The Side Handbag

Source: Pinkvilla

Nora had accessorized her biker shorts and denim ensemble with yet another of her favorite brand Louis Vuitton piece for her airport appearance! The monogram detailing on the side of the black On My Side Tote Monogram Tuffetage leather bag showed the brand's monogram. At USD 3,175, a gold buckle completed the number's modest and yet stylish appeal.

Obviously, Louis Vuitton is a Bollywood favorite for all the right reasons, and Nora Fatehi is no exception to this. Nora Fatehi's exclusive Louis Vuitton handbag collection also includes the On The Side handbag, which carries the signature monogram print in a 3D design on the side quite literally. The handbag is priced at nearly 544,648.58 Pakistani Rupee and is the perfect sized city handbag for all and every occasion.



Source: India Today

Nora wore a Moschino Black Teddy Bear Chain Backpack with a top zip closure to run errands and shop, taking a vacation from LV, which appears to be Nora's current favorite luxury brand.

For casual events, Nora's Moschino Black Teddy Bear Chain Backpack, priced at USD 603 (about Rs 44, 247), is the perfect option. The bag has a top zip closure, a gold chain, and a front teddy bear. It's undoubtedly adorable.