Tory Burch Handbags in pakistan

Tory Burch Handbags in Pakistan

Tory Burch is a relatively new luxury designer but quite popular not just among celebrities the world over but also among other style-savvy women.

This American brand produces handbags inspired by unique prints and colours. Tory Burch Foundation empowers women entrepreneurs, which gives a whole new angle to these beautiful and functional bags. 

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Tory believes in “living in full colour”. And this is perfectly reflected in the bags she designs. From shoulder bags and mini bags to satchels and backpacks, Tory produces all types of bags for her customers. The average price of an original and brand new Tory Burch bag is around £400 or 86,000 PKR. 

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New Fleming Collection at Tory Burch

Unlike others, Tory prefers to see the world painted with a number of colours. The way colours compliment each other is clearly evident in all of her gorgeous handbags.

The double-T logo design is inspired by the two of the most important influences of Tory’s life: travel and inspiration. The bold graphics of her designs are mainly inspired by Moroccan architecture and David Hick’s interiors.


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