fulra handbags in Pakistan

Furla Handbags in Pakistan

Furla Is a Famous Italian Company for Luxury Goods That Was Created in 1927.

It is a family-run business, still owned by the Furlanetto family of Italy. Its headquarters are located in Bologna, Italy. Furla sells not just luxury handbags but also real leather shoes and accessories. Its most famous bag is known as the Candy Bag, which became famous in 2011 throughout the world and is still considered one of the most sought-after luxury bags of all time.

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Furla is known for its highly functional and uniquely styled shoulder bags, handbags and crossbody bags. The average retail price of a Furla bag is around $300 or 47,000 PKR. Most of these bags are made of real leather emancipating all-Italian elegance in its true sense. If you want to buy a particular Furla handbag in Pakistan, email us at support@intikhaab.com and we’ll get it for you!  

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Furla 90th Anniversary Metropolis Collection

Furla is more than just a big Italian handbag brand. The beautiful and inspiring designs and high-quality handbags bring an attitude of elegance and love in all of their statement arm pieces.  They are specifically crafted to spark up your day and bring a smile to your face.

What fascinates people is how all of Furla’s bags are centred around guiding women towards following what they love.

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