Top 5 Reasons to Buy Pre-Owned Luxury Handbags

Top 5 Reasons to Buy Preowned Designer Handbags

We all love buying expensive luxury handbags but don’t like to break our banks for it. Now, the real question is whether going for pre-owned luxury handbags is a good investment. If you’re thinking of opting for a preloved instead of replicas or original, we bet you have millions of doubts swarming around in your mind right now.

And we don’t blame you. It’s a relatively new “thing” in Pakistan. However, the concept of pre-owned bags goes back to years when women from all over the world take pride in making intelligent choices when looking fashionable at all times.

If you see yourself intimated before investing your hard-earned money in pre-owned items, here is an honest answer to whether buying pre-loved handbags is worth it.


The initial idea behind selling pre-loved handbags is to refresh your wardrobe with top luxury items like DKNY, Rebecca Minkoff, and Kipling handbags to instantly revamp your style. These bags have been passed down by people who invested a hefty amount of money on these bags, kept them in perfect condition, and sold them when they found new ones.

Yup, it’s that simple.

But if we come to the practical answer, businesses sell pre-loved handbags because they sell. If we look at even if these handbags are second-hand, they are 100% original that their official companies directly manufacture. What people don’t realize is the in-house team of experts who rigorously research, inspect, and approve all the bags to ensure their condition is similar to the first-hand bags.


Let’s find the top 5 reasons to buy pre-owned luxury designer handbags instead of going for brand new ones.

1. These Bags Are Easily Accessible

Whilst you may be able to afford the retail handbag, you always have an efficient option to go for pre-owned that is not only 40% to 60% cheaper, but it also carries a unique history of its past owner. Say, for example, a bag passed down by your favorite celebrity!

What makes it an outstanding choice for many people is that its beautiful functionality and craftsmanship are always present in preloved bags.

Therefore, you get to have the same authentic handbag in the original condition with mild wear and tear at whopping low price tags. However, some people even resell handbags with tags on them to get rid of their impulsive purchases.

2. These Bags Are Sustainable

An average leather handbag takes up to 50 years to decompose. By buying pre-owned designer bags that sell unique stores helps customers to empower and make choices that can benefit the environment as well as your bank account.

Other than Instead of letting your once-favorite handbag lay forgotten in your wardrobe, people tend to resell these handbags, which also last you for generations.

3. You Get To Avail Items That Are No Longer Available in the Official Brand Stores

We all have been in a position to fall in love with a gorgeous bag only to find out it is either sold out or doesn’t get manufactured anymore. The pre-loved market for handbags is filled with one-of-a-kind bags unavailable on their official brand stores. This way, you make sure never to deprive yourself of your favorite handbags.

4. Can be Resold for Almost the Same Price

The best part about owning pre-owned luxury designer bags is their fixed value that is likely to stay the same regardless of how long you decide to keep them.

The designer bags in the retail market can quickly depreciate through discounts and resales. You can always resell your pre-owned luxury designer handbags at the similar cost you bought them in the first place, especially for high-demand brands like Chanel and Saint Laurant.

This means investing in original pre-loved luxury designer handbags can give you lifelong fulfillment, and when you’re done using them, you can easily get your investment back with a few clicks on the internet; yes, it’s that easy!

5. Help You Keep Up With the Trend

Generally, a high-end brand is likely to have 6 fashion weeks per year, which means ever-changing trends that will drain your bank at the end of the year. Pre-owned websites are always packed with one of the latest fashion statements that can help you keep your wardrobe filled with trendy arm candies.


If you see your expenses pilling up because of your bags, you always have the option to resell it and opt for the latest trendy bag that will not only keep your fashion in check but be kind to your pockets as well.


Let’s get this straight: once you buy a brand new bag and wear it for a week, it’s no longer brand new. So why not save some whopping bucks and buy pre-owned in the first place?

Coming to the question, the amount of money you can save on pre-owned bags depends on various factors. Generally, a high-end handbag with wild wear and tear can have a price reduction of about 40 to 60%. However, this isn’t as simple as it seems.

Some “pre-owned” bags also come with tags and are unused, which means you’re likely to get that bag at its original retail price. There is also a supply and demand factor here too. Bags that come in specific colors like the Chanel Classic Flap handbag in black are likely to have a higher price than the one in red.


Other than that, brands also influence the price of a handbag to a great extent. Hypothetically speaking, regardless of the condition of a Rebecca Minkoff handbag, it will cost you more than a Furla handbag even though it has a better higher demand than other brands.


All in all, pre-owned luxury handbags have a great advantage over the accessibility and the availability of the bags. It wouldn’t be much of a surprise to find sold-out bags in their official retail shops. And if you happen to stumble upon such obstacles, you can always opt for pre-owned luxury handbags that offer full authenticity and quality at lower prices.