Top Designer Handbags You Can Easily Afford

Top Designer Handbags You Can Easily Afford

If you're anything like us, you've definitely fantasised of owning a designer bag at some point (okay, probably a lot more than that). While purchasing your favourite brand's most iconic bag may seem impossible, the cheapest designer bags may be within reach—or at the very least, a little more budget-friendly.

A designer handbag that costs the same as a house or a car can be difficult to justify (and afford). After all, one woman's low-cost designer bags could represent another's whole annual shopping budget.

Even yet, there are some budget designer bags out there that don't come with a hefty price tag. So if you’re interested, let’s look at some of the best cheap designer bags we could find but before that let’s look at why exactly you would need a designer bag in the first place.

Do You Need A Designer Handbag?

That is a good question to ask, and the quick answer is no. Obviously not. There are many of less expensive bags that will suffice. COS and Marks and Spencer frequently carry really elegant bags for a fraction of the cost of a premium purse.

You may, on the other hand, adore having a designer handbag because it makes you joyful or gives you a sense of luxury.

Another advantage is that designer handbags have a long lifespan! They can even be used as investment pieces.

Rare Hermes bags have been sold for millions of dollars, and Chanel pieces have recently been auctioned for upwards of $250,000.

Now, I'm not recommending that you spend that much money, but if you want to acquire a designer bag, you can locate some of the greatest designer handbags below.

Best Affordable Designer Bags

When we say the word "designer," we don't automatically think of "cheap." The variables you consider while choosing and purchasing a bag are what really make a designer bag inexpensive.

Is the bag compatible with your current wardrobe? Is it going to last? Will it be fashionable in the future? Is this bag worth the money? Will having this style assist me in the long run? Is it worthwhile to invest in? What is the size of my budget? These are the questions I usually ask myself before purchasing a designer handbag.

Let's take a look at the greatest of the best with those questions in mind.

  • Givenchy Baby Antigona Bag

Givenchy Baby Antigona Bag


Givenchy debuted their Antigona line in 2011, which is created in Italy and named after the Greek mythological character Antigone. Antigona has become immensely popular in large, medium, and small groups since then.

This crossbody bag includes a retractable chain-link strap and is the line's smallest bag, but it may be attached to a larger one. It has a top zipper and is available in leather, metallic leather, and canvas.

  • Coach Pillow Tabby 26 Shoulder Bag

Coach Pillow Tabby 26 Shoulder Bag

Coach is one of the brands that is making a big comeback. While the comeback of early-2000s styles may have contributed to its appeal, the brand has also undergone a big makeover to give it a more opulent vibe.

One of the hottest handbag trends right now is the "Pillow Tabby" shoulder bag. It's all over newsfeeds on social media.

The pink and white versions of the bag are nearly sold out, but neutral tone options are still available at Coach. Prepare to embark on a hunt if you have your heart set on a lighter hue.

  • ​​Staud Mini Tommy Chain Cross-Embossed Leather Baguette

Staud Mini Tommy Chain Cross-Embossed Leather Baguette

After being worn by the style set—Kendall Jenner was one of the early adopters of the label's Moon Leather Hobo Bag—the LA-based company has positioned itself as one of the modern labels to watch after combining its bohemian aesthetics with the revival of '90s and '00s trends.

Stauds' reputation for making one-of-a-kind cool-girl accessories is further cemented with this jet-black croc-embossed leather purse. Taking the classic chain strap made famous by Chanel, the designer adds a modern twist by substituting the standard metal with tortoiseshell resin, giving you an altogether more edgy accent to add to your evening bag rotation.




This Michael Kors purse offers plenty of storage space!

It features a spacious interior that can accommodate everything you need, from your basics to make-up bags, your wallet, your phone, and even a change of casual clothing. This will undoubtedly be one of your favorite must-have purses, designed to fit the classic yet classy style that will last more than a season.

This huge tote is available in two classic hues and can be monogrammed at no additional cost when purchased.




This Coach bag exemplifies adaptability. It may be dressed up or down, and due of its compact design, it is ideal for usage on the go.

Turnlock, multifunction pockets, and a detachable strap are among the features. If you want a more sophisticated style to go with your selected clothing, you can carry it by the top handle.

It is built of long-lasting materials that will stand the test of time. This bag is available in four different colors and may even be personalized!

  • JW Pei Gabbi Bag

JW Pei Gabbi Bag


JW Pei's bags are currently one of the most cheap and in-demand accessories available. The Gabbi Bag is not only affordable, but it is also cruelty-free, thanks to its vegan leather construction.

Emily Ratajkowski, a model who has been seen wearing the jewelry in her off-duty style, has given the company her seal of approval. Its Rantan bag was also shown on the arm of Constance Billard attendance Audrey Hope in the Gossip Girl reboot. But we can't blame them; it's the reigning champion of the best budget designer handbags, with its vibrant hue and unusual ruched detailing.

  • Kate Spade Margaux Bag

Kate Spade Margaux Bag


Kate Spade is one of the most well-known and well-priced fashion labels. There is no better brand for you if you like offbeat styles. Kate Spade is shamelessly feminine, and her handbags are on-trend and affordable.

Nicola Glass, the brand's Creative Director who supervised the brand's recent reinvention, has announced her retirement. As Nicola's final collection with the New York label, we expect the spring/summer bags to become a must-have.

The "Margaux" has become one of the brand's defining styles if you're seeking for a business bag. Kate Spade offers it in a variety of designs and colours, as well as a top-handle and crossbody version.